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Night Life Crypto: Bringing Blockchain & Gaming Together

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Night Life Crypto: Bringing Blockchain & Gaming Together

Developed by the team of Night Life Labs, LTD, Night Life Crypto is an all-on-chain gaming platform that can handle a new generation of blockchain gaming.

Its strategic vision is to generate a trusted crypto-based gaming community where users are able to enjoy the playground and stake liquidity at zero game transaction fees.

To achieve this goal, Night Life partnered with Turtle Network to integrate its unique features and deploy liquidity options on PancakeSwap.

The blockchain ecosystem is growing rapidly and reaching more and more users every day. Starting as the core technology used in finance, it’s now been applied to a wide range of areas, and in some cases, the gaming industry has been impacted by blockchain.

Although the gaming sector is considered a prime market for blockchain, its adaptability to gaming remains a foundational barrier that hinders its overall development.

The initial goal of blockchain was to handle financial transactions, not to develop games. That explains why – despite some remarkable achievements, global adoption of blockchain-based gaming has lagged behind many other industries.

That’s where Night Life Crypto jumps in the picture.

What Does Night Life Crypto Offer?

Night Life Crypto offers a range of solutions for both developers and gamers. Let’s take a look at all the things it allows game developers to do with blockchain.

Blockchain-based DeFi Infrastructure

Most online games currently depend heavily on a centralized model. All relevant data is stored on a database on the server and game developers can change the parameters at their sole discretion.

Gamer data includes account information, activity history, and in-game assets collected by players (items and gold coins).

Since this database is stored on a centralized server, many limitations and vulnerabilities come along such as server overload error, the system being hacked, unexpected game crash due to maintenance and upgrades, or lack of transparency.

Night Life gaming platform functions as a blockchain-based DeFi infrastructure. With DeFi and blockchain technologies combination, Night Life can mitigate those problems and give players more control in the online gaming space.

Transparent and Trusted Community

The core values that Night Life offers initially and permanently stick to solutions for current problems in the crypto gaming sector.

Not only online casinos but actual games are overloaded with fraudulent practices. Night Life’s focus is on building a fair and reliable platform where members can easily verify the results of any gambling games.

This is achieved through the generation of transparent random numbers associated with the Turtle Network blockchain.

User Privacy

Users are able to enjoy the games with anonymous accounts. The platform does not require an email address to play. Users can also create a platform account if they want to get additional security through on-chain 2FA.

Faster and Free Transactions

The game transaction fee topic is always a pain for players.

Too many users have suffered the ridiculously high cost of gas on the vast majority of blockchain platforms. Night Life’s approach targets two blockchains and non-custodial wallets as solutions for this problem.

A two-layer solution is a thing that distinguishes Night Life from most other gaming platforms.

The gaming channel operates on the Turtle Network blockchain while Binance Smart Chain is used for buying and selling the NLIFE token. It will address the speed issue, especially when a high number of transactions hit the platform.

With the non-custodial wallet, users have full control over their assets and achievements. This is likely the biggest advantage that users find in non-custodial wallets.

You do not need to rely on any third-party authentication, the platform, or have to worry about the system being hacked because the assets always stay in your hands.

An instant withdrawal process is available as you can transfer assets to the exchange to trade or receive coins to your wallet anytime and anywhere you want.

In addition, the non-custodial wallet minimizes the risk of information being hacked. Assets and items in the game are all created by gamers during the game, and you have full ownership over them.

In-game transactions are also secure so there is no risk of server-related errors
The best part is that players can participate in any game on Night Life with zero transaction fees. You don’t need to have BNB in your BSC wallet to transfer NLIFE.

Challenging Tournaments and Compelling Rewards

Tournaments and rewards are very popular in the gaming industry!

One of the biggest challenges of blockchain gaming is user experience. Most of the games are too simple and do not connect as many people as traditional games. With Night Life, things are different.

Each product game has 5 achievements that users can obtain. The difficulty will be showcased on the accomplishment ranks from 1 star to 5 stars.

Players are rewarded with an NFT for every time they get an achievement. In the future, Night Life plans to have these rewards’ use cases unlocked, which will open up the door for more opportunities to trade, purchase or sell in the marketplace.

The project aims to create high-quality, replayable, and thrilling games. The team wants users to come back many times, making them invest in the games, increase their levels, possess valuable items, and form a real community.

Users can purchase and sell, or trade their NFTs through a Deck Building Trading Card game (TBD name). Every quarter after a game’s debut, Night Life will host tournaments to challenge the participants and reward top performers with a sum of NLIFE.

Like other platforms, Night Life has a Referral Program that users can generate additional benefits. A referrer will be rewarded 30% of the house edge in the casino whenever the referred players join the game.

Night Life Token (NLIFE)

NLIFE is the token of Night Life and it will be tradeable on the Binance Smart Chain. NLIFE will be listed on PancakeSwap and lately on Uniswap. Users can see the token showing on CoinMarketCap and Coingecko.

Users can get their hands on NLIFE by either providing liquidity or buying them on PancakeSwap. Staking is also available on the exchange, which enables users to earn a portion of each sell order.

All transfers, excluding those processed to/from the platform, are taxed at 2.5%. This percentage will be distributed to the liquidity stakers (1.5%) and project developments and services (1%).

Night Life Crypto: Bringing Blockchain & Gaming Together


  • Max Token Supply: 3,425,000 NLIFE
  • Circulating Supply at TGE (excluding gateway): 800,000 N LI FE
  • Supply in Gateway (for casino payouts): 7,500,000 NLIFE
  • Pre-sale tokens released every 30 days (during Q1): 262,500 NLIFE
  • Pre-sale tokens released every 30 days (during Q2): 37,500 NLIFE

Pre-sale Details:

  • Seed Price: $0.50 USDT
  • Amount Available: 250,000 NLIFE
  • Amount Sold: 250,000 NLIFE
  • Distribution: 10% at TGE, 15% every 30 days for 6 months
  • Status: CLOSED
  • Private Sale Price: $0.75 USDT
  • Amount Available: 1,125,000 NLIFE
  • Amount Sold: 530,401 NLIFE
  • Distribution: 20% at TGE, 20% every 30 days for 4 months
  • Status: CLOSED (pending IDOs)

Currently, Night Life has several key partnerships and collaborations with well-known brands such as AUREUS, Multi Tech Solution, and KGB Concepts, along with expert advisors.

Blockchain wasn’t born to be a standard tool for the game industry but there are still quite a few ways it can take gaming to the next level. Night Life Crypto is one of the companies that is making it happen.

Night Life Crypto provides essential improvements for gamers and developers to overcome the existing limitations. If you want to learn more about Night Life Crypto, and all the features it brings to blockchain gaming, please click here!

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