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Ojamu: Bridging the Disconnect Between Consumers & Marketers

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Ojamu: Bridging the Disconnect Between Consumers & Marketers

There’s a noticeable disconnect between marketers and consumers. Even though brands have massive amounts of consumer data, about 65% of brand marketers have admitted that the poor quality of data often makes it difficult to get personalization right in their marketing communications.

The success of a marketing strategy depends on how well you understand the human element – customer journeys, emotions, deeply-felt needs, aspirations, experiences, etc. The fact that about two-thirds of consumers are overwhelmed by the marketing communications they receive highlights the disconnect between consumers and brand marketers.

Making marketing a personalized experience

Ojamu, a Singapore-based MarTech platform, aims to bridge the disconnect between brands and consumers by leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain technology. The Singapore-based company acknowledges that analyzing the data at scale, finding the previously unknown insights, and executing the strategy at speed could help brands stay ahead of their agile competitors.

Ojamu has developed an Intelligent Platform that collects and analyzes hundreds of millions of data points in the target industries. The AI tools process data, interpret context, and apply meaning to understand the behaviors, habits, and choices of consumers.

It then feeds the data into a Neural Predictive Engine to create an optimal marketing strategy with the highest probability of success. As a result, the brands gain a significant edge in terms of speed, accuracy, and ROI over competitors that rely on humans.

The MarTech platform ensures that brands are delivering the right messages to the right consumer set in the right format across channels. An omni-channel, personalized experience helps brands gain visibility as well as mindshare.

Ojamu: Bridging the Disconnect Between Consumers & Marketers

Are you leaving money on the table?

Most brands just bombard their target audience with a lot of display ads, emails, social media ads, etc. because they don’t have a clear understanding of consumer behavior. It not only lowers their marketing ROI but also annoys consumers. Without high quality insights and personalization, brands might be leaving millions of dollars in potential incremental revenue on the table.

Ojamu uses AI-trainable non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to give brands access to an industry vertical’s key data points as well as previously unknown insights that could turn a casual visitor into a loyal customer. It helps brands understand how consumers respond to their marketing communications.

Since Ojamu handles massive amounts of sensitive data, the MarTech firm uses decentralized storage platforms to fragment the data and distribute them across multiple nodes to avoid a single point of failure. Its cross-chain solution is interoperable across all major blockchains.


Blockchain technology has found applications in a number of industries over the last few years. It’s interesting to see that cutting-edge MarTech solutions such as Ojamu are combining it with artificial intelligence to help brands with their digital marketing. It is not only enabling them to run more effective marketing campaigns, but also explore new markets that brands might not have paid attention to before.

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