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OpenSea bans wallets that interacted with Tornado Cash

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The sanction of the popular cryptocurrency mixer Tornado Cash by the United States Department of the Treasury continues to wreak havoc on the crypto community.

This is because the platform for buying and selling NFTs OpenSea is starting to ban wallets of users who have interacted, in any way, with the cryptocurrency mixer Tornado Cash.

According to reports shared on Twitter, OpenSea is claiming that these accounts go against the company’s Terms of Service. However, the company does not mention the US sanctioning of the cryptocurrency mixer as a reason for this.

OpenSea bans accounts for sanctioning Tornado Cash

User John Doe released the email you received from OpenSea informing you of your account ban. In the text, the NFTs platform says that the user lost their access to their OpenSea account. Furthermore, it said that any collections of user NFTs were removed from the platform:

“Hello, your account with the wallet address has been banned because it goes against our Terms of Service. This means that you no longer have access to your OpenSea account. Your collections and any items in those collections have been removed from the list and cannot be discovered by others. You can cancel any active offers and listings you have made using OpenSea here. If you think there was an error, please contact our team at for assistance.”

Along with the screenshot of the email, Doe wrote: “Are you serious, OpenSea? Just because I used anonymity mining on Tornado Cash before?”

In response, many suggested that users switch to LooksRare instead of OpenSea. But neither OpenSea nor LooksRare has officially commented on the alleged ban on accounts that interacted with Tornado Cash.

Another user said that OpenSea is not a decentralized platform. Therefore, it does not offer privacy to its users:

“If you want to play with shitcoins, at least use Monero. Everything else is super centralized and offers no privacy. Especially with NFT, which must be traceable to work.” tweeted he.

Tornado Cash Sanction

As reported by Cryptheory, the US sanctioned Tornado Cash last Monday (8). As a result of the ban, all citizens of the country are banned from carrying out operations through the service.

In addition, any wallet address that used Tornado Cash was also targeted by sanctions. That is, addresses will not be able to perform or receive transactions to and from any company or person residing in the US.

The next day, mixer co-founder Roman Semenov was kicked off GitHub. Additionally, USDC stablecoin issuer Circle has frozen funds from wallets linked to Tornado Cash.

after that, uAn anonymous individual decided to “troll” celebrities and well-known people in the crypto market. This user sent fractions of Ether (ETH) to the wallets of these “famous” from an account linked to Tornado Cash. Due to the sanction, this can cause problems for the recipients of cryptocurrencies.

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