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Avalanche proposes that the Otherside metaverse build its own subnet

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The core team at Avalanche submitted a proposal idea to the ApeCoin DAO. The company suggested that the Otherside metaverse should migrate to the Avalanche blockchain.

Otherside metaverse on its own subnet

The proposal is still in the initial phase of discussion. Therefore, it is unclear whether the proposal will pass a formal governance vote. Nor is it clear whether the DAO will have control over the metaverse.

The ApeCoin DAO is the governance body of ApeCoin. It is an ETH token that is to be used as a native token for the Otherside metaverse by Yuga Labs and in the NFT Bored Ape Yacht Club collection.

Although Avalanche has made the proposal, Yuga Labs has not yet commented on the matter. But experts point out that the company should not accept the plan. That’s because Yuga has already signaled that it will launch a layer 2 solution (like Ronin) for its products.

Last month, Yuga Labs complained about ETH network congestion and high GAS fees during the sale of its Otherside metaverse NFTs.

Furthermore, the company has expressed interest in having its own blockchain. The goal is to be able to meet scalability demands, just like Axie Infinty did with Ronin.

However, Avalanche’s proposal is for Yuga Labs’ own blockchain to be built as a subnet on Avalanche.

“We propose that ApeCoin DAO launches Otherside on an Avalanche subnetwork to support the future growth of the Otherside community through faster transaction processing, higher throughput, greater scalability and lower gas rates,” Avalanche said in its proposal.

According to Emin Gün Sirer, CEO of Ava Labs (the main development company behind Avalanche) there is interest in the proposal. Therefore, the team may try to persuade ApeCoin DAO to change its mind.

He posted a link to the proposal on Twitter. He stated that “ApeCoin would be fantastic as an Avalanche subnetwork”. According to him, ApeCoin “would benefit from the superior performance of its dedicated chain in the fastest consensus protocol”.

In the governance forum’s discussion of the proposal, community members and Bored Ape owners expressed a number of opinions against the idea.

Many members argued, for example, that ApeCoin DAO should remain on the ETH blockchain and focus on achieving scalability with available Layer 2 solutions rather than moving to a separate network.

“Honestly, I think we have more to lose by leaving [Ethereum] than we have to earn. Instead, for all the value ApeCoin has and the ecosystem, I don’t remotely see an appropriate value that Avalanche can give back to make the sacrifice count,” the comment said.

Meanwhile, another comment pointed out that ApeCoin DAO may not even have control over the Otherside metaverse.

“First, DAO has nothing to do with Otherside. This is a Yuga project and it is not within the scope of this DAO to decide what technology they use or not use for this.”

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