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OVR: all the news on burning, NFTs and virtual concerts

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OVR, the Italian project dedicated to virtual worlds and NFTs, has recently announced a token burn of 1 million scheduled for 30 May.

OVR recently sold an OVRLand, or NFT of a virtual world, depicting the Eiffel Tower for $106,000. Overall, in less than 6 months, the project has sold 260,000 OVRLands, so all these successes have led the team to the decision to burn 1% of its total supply, which currently stands at 1 million.

To celebrate the event, a DJ set will be held on the OVR app (available on both Android and iOS). 

OVR and Mathame NFTs

The OVR app can also be used to organise virtual concerts, and this is exactly what will happen with the dance/electronic band Mathame.

Mathame will drop 12 NFTs on the Foundation platform and at the same time, these same non-fungible tokens will be displayed in the OVR gallery where their live performance will take place.

Raoul Pal talks about OVR

OVR was also mentioned yesterday in an interesting YouTube video made by Piers Kicks, venture partner at Delphi Digital, interviewing famous investor Raoul Pal, formerly with Goldman Sachs.

In the video, they talk about what metaverse is, what it is used for and how to make money with it.

Here is the full video in English:

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