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Pepe Coin hits new ATH and goes on

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PEPE recorded a new all-time high with an impressive weekly growth of 245,84 % . Centralized trading ensured that PEPE responded immediately to the hype. PEPE ‘s 12-month gains even surpassed those of DOGE and SHIB.

Pepe Coin hits new ATH and goes on

This development underlines the strong momentum behind the meme token. PEPE shows how quickly market sentiments can change and how crucial centralized trading is for quick reactions. Last year’s impressive gains prove PEPE ‘s enormous potential compared to other well-known meme coins. The support of influential social media personalities such as Roaring Kitty further increases the hype. Investors and crypto enthusiasts are eagerly watching how PEPE will develop further.

Crypto market recovers: Meme coins on the rise

The entire crypto market rallied, renewing hopes for an altcoin rally. Meme tokens were the first and biggest winners of this recovery. Pepe (PEPE) saw a remarkable rise of almost 45 % in one week, reaching record valuations. The community now sees the chance to enter a new price discovery phase with no clear end.

Pepe Coin hits new ATH and goes on
PEPE monthly chart, source: TradingView

PEPE rose 12.95% in a single day and 45% within a week. The meme token was trading at 0.00001137 USD, an ATH. Such price jumps are possible at extremely low price ranges. PEPE shows the return of energy to the crypto market. PEPE is fully in circulation, with 100% of the total supply in trade. It is also one of the most traded tokens, turning over almost half of its supply within 24 hours. The community supports the token by HODLing, which explains the ability to recover from lows.

Decentralized trading is limited for PEPE, with less than 1% of the total volume on Uniswap. Despite this, some PEPE found its way into smaller DeFi protocols, bridges, and lending platforms. PEPE holders may not want to sell the token immediately, but hold it as a tool for future growth, with an even more influential brand.

Will PEPE make another price jump?

PEPE’s recent rally continues unabated. The intriguing question is whether PEPE will be able to make another significant price jump if the boom in altcoins and meme coins continues.

The expectations of the PEPE community are driving this development strongly. They hope for more than just short-term gains. Their goal is a long-lasting memetic uptrend where PEPE gains traction. In the race between “frogs and dogs”, PEPE aims to become a leading token, outperforming Shiba Inu (SHIB) and Dogecoin (DOGE). Holders are crucial to achieving this goal, and PEPE ‘s easy accessibility means it is being added to numerous portfolios on a daily basis.

The PEPE community’s belief in the token’s long-term success is continuously driving up its market value. This strong community and increasing interest could cause PEPE to continue to increase in value. If the current trend continues, PEPE has a promising future ahead of it.

Where does PEPE get its support from?

PEPE is currently riding a wave of “we’re back” energy. Several factors are supporting the token. Over 44% of all PEPE trades occur in a single trading pair on Binance. This allows for rapid liquidity inflow and significant price movements.

Almost all major exchanges list PEPE in spot trading, except Coinbase. The asset is waiting for a new pairing that could increase volume and visibility. However, since April 23, Coinbase has been offering PEPE perpetual futures, which increases the token’s activity.

PEPE has 219,625 holder wallets, with the largest holdings belonging to exchanges. Currently, PEPE trades primarily on centralized markets and has not yet expanded to decentralized exchanges like Uniswap. This sets PEPE apart from newer meme tokens that rely on decentralized pairs.

PEPE ‘s addition to Revolut and further boosts its visibility. This made PEPE the third largest meme asset after DOGE and SHIB. Following the recent rally, the token posted the largest 12-month returns of the top 3 meme assets.

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