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Crypto News: Pepe investor turns 462 USD into 3.4 million USD

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Currently, the price of the Pepe Coin seems to be pumping continuously, as the popular meme coin has now even reached the top 20 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization. The story of PEPE began just over a year ago, after the fun currency was launched in mid-April 2023. For a long time, there was silence about the token, which is considered a pure speculative object and has no real purpose or technical innovation.

Crypto News: Pepe investor turns 462 USD into 3.4 million USD

But apparently the Pepe does not need this to be successful and bring high profits to its investors. This is shown by a recent success story of an investor who bought PEPE tokens early on for just 462 USD and was now able to sell them profitably for 3.4 million USD.

Pepe Coin explodes over 112% in just one month

Although the last few weeks have been characterized by price corrections and a consolidation phase of the entire crypto market, the Pepe coin has continued to record noticeable growth. It is currently trading at a price of 0.00001433 USD, which represents a whopping price increase of 112.06% in the last 30 days (see image below). Due to strong inflows, the market capitalization has now also jumped above the 6 billion USD mark, catapulting the Pepe coin to 20th place in the cryptocurrency rankings. This means that the PEPE continues to secure third place in the meme coin rankings and is slowly approaching Shiba Inu (SHIB) and Dogecoin (DOGE) in 2nd and 1st place.

Crypto News: Pepe investor turns 462 USD into 3.4 million USD

The reasons for the current increase are likely to be varied, but are mainly due to speculation about the possible upcoming Ethereum spot ETFs. In the course of today, the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) will either approve or reject corresponding applications. If approval is granted, this should have an extremely positive effect on the entire altcoin market – and the Pepe Coin could be one of the winners who can expect even stronger price explosions.

Early investment can pay off: millions in profit for Pepe investors

Success stories are not uncommon in the crypto market and the meme coin sector in particular is known for enabling high profits at high risk. Nevertheless, there are always stories that sound unbelievable. The crypto analysis company LookOnChain has now published one of them on the social media platform X (formerly Twitter): On April 15, 2023, an unknown investor bought 324.9 billion PEPE for a price of 0.22 ETH (about 462 USD at the time). Now he sold his Pepe reserves for an incredible price of 3.4 million USD. An incredible profit for an early investor who was right about his high-risk investment.

Crypto News: Pepe investor turns 462 USD into 3.4 million USD

It is not known who exactly is behind this crypto miracle and whether the crypto wallet used may be related to the developers of the PEPE. However, similar stories surrounding the Pepe are not uncommon, as just a few weeks ago another investor was able to turn around 1,200 USD  into a whopping 9 million USD – after he too had made an early investment.




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