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Polygon and SushiSwap joined forces

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The Polygon network announces a significant start to a new collaboration of protocol integration dHEDGE v2 to the popular decentralized exchange SushiSwap.

Polygon with another significant update

The report was officially announced by dHEDGE member Henrik Andersson, who in an interview with Cointelegraph highlighted in particular the new version so-called Guarded Open Access Transactions (GOAT). This system gives users access to decentralized DApps applications on the dHEDGE platform.

Andersson emphasized that the GOAT system will bring significantly higher speeds, which will mainly affect integration with other protocols:

“It’s like a general protocol that allows us to get additional support for DApps. Instead of creating specific plugins, we can use this system to create a DApps whitelist. “

Connection with SushiSwap

The first form of dHEDGE was launched late last year, allowing users to use only Synthetix assets. GOAT v2 is much better at this, as fund managers can use access to assets and services from any virtual machine-based protocol. ETH (EVM).

The launch of dHEDGE v2 will also bring support for the decentralized Polygon-based SushiSwap exchange.

Other important collaborations will come in the future

Andersson said they were currently exploring options for integration with AAVE, noting that such a merger would bring very interesting opportunities for a decentralized financial market. Asset managers will be able to have a wide range of assets available for shorting. Other major candidates for collaboration include ETH 2.0, Optimism and Arbitrum.

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