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Polygon Announces New Division Focused on Gaming & NFTs

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Polygon Announces New Division Focused on Gaming & NFTs

Ever-growing dApp platform Polygon announced the debut of a new blockchain team to tackle NFTs and Gaming called Polygon Studios.

Polygon has launched Polygon Studios, a new division to try and bring Web 2 and Web 3 gaming together. According to a press release, Polygon has seen a massive amount of growth in its gaming community and wants to help bring those users into the future of gaming. Polygon boasts more than 100,000 users who enjoy the platform’s Web 3 games, some of which are among the most popular titles in the genre. 

The release added that the launch will offer game builders support in order to attract higher-end artists and investors to its platform. According to Polygon, developers would be granted assistance in the creation of blockchain-enabled games. This will be accomplished via access granted to SDKs, investments, marketing tools, technology, and the aid of fellow community members. 

Polygon has already succeeded in bringing in numerous game developers and titles to the platform including Aavegotchi, Zed Run, and Megacryptopolis. These games are joined by metaverse worlds like Decentraland and Sandbox. The platform also has NFT marketplace OpenSea among others. 

Polygon Studio to be a game changer 

The new group was formed with three main goals in mind at launch. The primary objective of Polygon Studio is the take the position already established as the go-to platform for these types of games and grow it even more. 

The second goal the team hopes to reach is to leverage Polygon’s reputation and popularity to entice the top echelon of creators and inventors to join the project. The final thing on Polygon Studio’s to-do list is to ensure that Polygon is the best option for IP and Web 2 owners looking to migrate into Web 3. 

Polygon also added a pair of initiatives to the launch, with the first being the gaming branch of the project. The goal of this arm is the work directly with creators to build games that run on the blockchain. The second arm of the project is the NFT team, which will be looking more toward influencers and brands to help build up enough of a collection to launch an NFT marketplace.

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