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Polygon Endorsed for Commemorative ProBit Exclusive Anniversary

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Polygon Endorsed for Commemorative ProBit Exclusive Anniversary

In celebration of the 1st anniversary of its premium listing marketplace ProBit Exclusive, ProBit Global has launched a commemorative Exclusive anniversary event on July 27 featuring a 50% discounted subscription window for MATIC, a top Layer 2 scaling solution in the space.

ProBit Exclusive debuted on July 22, 2020, featuring MATIC with a core objective of lowering the bar for first-time crypto holders to set up portfolios with discounts on rapidly vaulting blue chips like BTC and ETH.

MATIC was pegged for an encore subscription round with long-term performance exceeding 100X following their rebranding from Matic Network into Polygon and has cemented its status as the premier Layer 2 to amplify ETH’s enormous network effects.

Backed by 28% of circulating MATIC staked and roughly 100 validators, the Polygon PoS Chain achieves unrivaled scalability through a unique multi-layered architecture with Bor block producers who aggregate transactions for expedited confirmation and Heimdall validator nodes that publish Merkle roots on ETH.

This unique security infrastructure and EVM compatibility have cemented Polygon as the leading DeFi onramp with $8.47B TVL, outpacing ETH as a viable alternative due to its near-zero fees and much-improved throughput.

Polygon-native DEX QuickSwap has quickly secured a place among the top 5 DEXes on DeFi Pulse with a robust $1.02B TVL and over $9M in 24H volume. As one of the few projects to launch via fair token distribution, the team allocated 96.75% of the total supply for the community, of which 90% will land in liquidity miner wallets to improve liquidity and reduce slippage.

With USDC currently the most locked token in Quickswap, Polygon has recently secured a partnership with Wyre to provide a fiat-USDC onramp for potential Trad-Fi users to enter the DeFi rabbit hole in under 30 seconds.

Polygon made a huge splash with a $100M allocation for the launch of Polygon Studios to build inroads into NFT and gaming with an overarching objective of bridging web2 and web3 infrastructure for the over 100,000 blockchain gamers onboarded. This development follows up another considerable mainstream boost through integration with OpenSea for a much-improved user experience on the heels of zero fees and cross-blockchain support

Their NFT aspirations have crossed over to the luxury lifestyle industry with the co-establishment of the $10M UNXD Culture Fund and its first collaboration with the upcoming Collezione Genesi NFT collection, luxury brand Dolce & Gabbana’s very first NFT foray.

Having onboarded industry-leading Chainlink price oracles and its Verifiable Random Function (VRF) has flung the gates wide open for Polygon’s entry into gaming. VRF and its unique mechanism of providing verifiable and tamper-proof forms of randomness are critical for many gamification elements ranging from NFT item drops and executing fair blockchain auctions.

With the continual growth of the esports scene into mainstream channels and projections of reaching $1.9B by 2022, Polygon has targeted a ripe market opportunity with the top Esports tournament platform Community Gaming, the recent beneficiary of a $2.3M fundraising round.

The integration with a premier blockchain-based Esports platform enables gamers to instantly create tournaments at just fractions of a penny while massively increasing its mainstream appeal by facilitating near-instantaneous payouts for tournament winners.

In addition, Polygon hosted its first tournament for Axie Infinity, which has established the play-to-earn model as a legitimate income stream in countries such as the Philippines.

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