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Polylauncher debuts with angel investment from Polygon co-founder

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Polylauncher, the first metaverse-focused launchpad in the crypto space, has launched on Polygon.

It has announced an angel investment from Sandeep Nailwal, the co-founder of Polygon, along with several Asia-based venture capital firms.

Why Metaverse on Polygon?

Since early 2021, with the meteoric rise of crypto games such as Axie Infinity, the demand for blockchain gaming has skyrocketed.

Metaverse describes all digital world-based platforms, including virtual games and virtual shared space.

Polylauncher will focus on tailoring to teams that are building metaverse-related projects, going in line with the Polygon ecosystem.

Since its rebrand, Polygon has also focused on helping metaverse projects and crypto games launch on the blockchain.

In February, the Polygon team wrote:

“We implemented and offered Matic PoS Chain, a permissionless, EVM-compatible, PoS-secured ETH sidechain which relies on strong ETH security for validator staking and checkpoints. Onboarded 80+ amazing applications, including Polymarket, Aavegotchi, Neon District, Skyweaver, Cometh, EasyFi with more being added everyday.”

Many of the early projects added to the Polygon ecosystem were blockchain-based games, such as Aavegotchi and Cometh.

Polylauncher would build on the metaverse theme of Polygon, launching promising crypto games and virtual ecosystems.

polygon metaverse poylauncher
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Tailored for retail investors

Most launchpads allow users to get sizable allocations to projects by buying the token and staking it.

Polylauncher has a time-weighted staking system that takes into consideration the duration of time investors stake $ANGEL with.

This achieves two things. First, it enables the platform to be free from whales taking a large chunk of the allocation.

Second, it allows retail investors that hold and stake the token for a long time to get rewarded with allocations to projects launching on Polylauncher.

The $ANGEL staking system and the deal flow coming from the Polygon ecosystem sets Polylauncher apart from other launchpads.

Polylauncher plans to collaborate with hackathons and founders within the Polygon ecosystem to accelerate strong projects over the long term.

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