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Professional Poker Star Jeff Gross to Join 2Crazy’s Mission to Propel Mainstream Adoption

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Professional Poker Star Jeff Gross to Join 2Crazy’s Mission to Propel Mainstream Adoption

The moment the NFT mania hit the market, we knew that this was a lull brewing up before a fierce storm. Some of the key highlights of the mania were exclusive news coverage, celebrity endorsements, key creators, and considerable amounts paid for the digital collectibles even though it didn’t showcase solid utility.

The momentum in the NFT landscape has been riding high and has amassed sales over billions of dollars in value. It has also led to the establishment of multi-chain blockbuster businesses like Open Sea, Crypto Kitties, Dappers Labs, and many more.

However, the big question is that are NFTs sustainable in nature?

With NFT projects spurring beyond heights, the existence of various NFT projects was questionable. The market is paving its way forward with maturity and extensive utility, bringing real projects with real-use cases to the spotlight. One such forerunner in the NFT and e-sports arena is 2Crazy. According to an official announcement, the NFT and e-sporting platform 2Crazy is stepping into the shores by associating the famous star poker celebrity player Jeff Gross to its platform. This will gain massive traction by both creator communities and online game enthusiasts to experience the world of crypto, e-sporting, and poker, expanding its uses-cases beyond measures.

2Crazy is on the mission to drive mainstream adoption by creating fascinating experiences through the world of NFTs. It integrates the aspects of NFTs and blockchain technology in the online gaming and esports sphere to foster greater innovation. Its unique NFT based packages will usher new frontiers in the sports world. It’s native $2CRZ has extensive utilities enabling users to participate in lotteries, giveaways, staking, NFT drops, and much more.

Jeff Gross will be the Global Brand Ambassador of the platform.

If NFT markets have taught us something, it is how slick marketing works in alliance with massive sports leagues to drive serious demand for digital collectibles. The focus is on providing an experience rather than just the ownership of a digital item. This will strike the chords of mainstream adoption and real-future crypto collectibles.

By onboarding star player Jeff Gross, the platform will give in to the players’ whims leveling competitiveness in the space.

With a breath-taking record in the previous years, Jeff Gross stands to have an unbeatable record of winnings. His poker skills are well-tabulated and are endorsed by brands like PartyPoker.

He also runs a poker-centric podcast channel on Twitch and has recorded over 140 episodes. His lifetime earnings revolve around $3.3 million from live tournaments and above $2 million from online games. He has a track record of bagging trophies from global tournaments, including High Stakes Cash Game players, WPT Montreal, Premier League Season VII, WSOP Final Tables, and Alpha 8 Florida.

Jeff Gross currently has his social channels flooded with enthusiasts of pokers and amateur players that are thriving towards building a reputation of their own.

This collaboration will emerge as one of the significant partnerships in the emerging space. This will bring widespread attention to the platform and help attract real users to the 2Crazy platform.

Jeff’s credibility and association with other sporting platforms will also get recognition to 2Crazy and lay the foundation for strategic partnerships in the future. This is the beginning as the virtual world of NFTs is becoming more relevant, with 2Crazy’s ecosystem thriving.

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