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Puma has registered the domain Puma.eth and is changing its account name on Twitter

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Blockchain continues to penetrate the business world and among major brands through the NFT. Puma has registered the name decentralized domain in ETH Name Service (ENS).

Puma jumped into the cryptworld

The well-known sports brand Puma has joined the list of large companies it owns name with the suffix .eth. According to Cointelegraph, the German sportswear brand has registered a domain name with ENS.

Other major .eth companies include Budweiser, a subsidiary of Anheuser-Busch InBev, which last year she bought Beer.eth through ENS at OpenSea for 30 ETH. And when the White Castle fast food chain registered whitecastleofficial.eth, the former ENS chief executive also tweeted about his excitement.

Puma then ranked 13th, which lists the most-watched Twitter accounts as “.eth.” In first place is farilton.eth, backed by celebrity Paris Hilton, and in second place is shaq.eth, owned by former NBA player Shaquille O’Neal.

NFT is not just a picture

All .eth names are NFT that can “Easy engage into the ever-expanding NFT ecosystem, “ as stated by ENS on his blog. Owners of these domains can, among other things, pair their names with wallet addresses and subsequently have the opportunity to accept any cryptocurrency, token or blockchain-based asset.

Of course, there are also options to link to a decentralized website and insert information into the profile, such as an avatar, email address or Twitter account.

With this step, Puma has approached other extremely famous brands, such as Nike and Adidas. Puma’s ENS name is just one of the few NFT-related steps the company has recently taken.

According to Puma.eth’s OpenSea site, the company has invested in a variety of cat-inspired NFT collections, including Cool Cats NFT, Lazy Lions, Gutter Cat Gang and CatBlox.

ETH Name Service has According to Dune Analytics, a total of 724,096 ENS names created at the time of writing, with the highest number of monthly registrations occurring in the last few months. However, competing Unstoppable Domains has more than 2 million domains registered recently, according to the company’s website launched owns a single sign-on service for ETH and Polygon called Login.

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