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Ron Paul Desires to Legalize BTC to Engage with Dollar and Let People Choose

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Ron Paul made a point that he is worried about the power and command that their government has over the dollar.

One of the former congressmen of the US Ron Paul took part in an interview that was held between him and Michelle Makori of Kitco News on Wednesday. In the interview, Ron Paul stated a strong desire that he would like BTC to engage with Dollar and become legal to make a competition with the same.

Ron Paul is from Texas and is also one of the known ex-politician, an author, and a physician. In 2015, he also initiated The Ron Paul Liberty Report in order to provide analysis and infuriating opinions on the issues that usually have an impact on people’s lives and financial conditions. 

In the interview, he was asked to share his opinion regarding BTC. He stated that he has more knowledge regarding money which is in the form of metals, rather than cryptocurrency. However, he also mentioned that he is fascinated by cryptocurrencies and their future as well. During this, he commented that he would like to and will try to make freedom of choice become legal. To this, he also added that the public is supposed to be the one making decisions in place of the government. 

On Friday, he is going to be one of the speakers at the BTC 2021 conference in Miami. 

As a part of his comment, he mentions that nowadays, there are some people who are excited regarding Bitcoins, and he thinks that in the coming years, Bitcoins will be the only existing money. It will take the place of the dollar, and at that time, it will not be worthy. 

Ron Paul made a strong statement and said that the government is not going to grant BTC or any other thing to engage and take the place of the Dollar. He also added that the public must have the freedom to make their choices. 

He also described one of the bills that were started and introduced by him in Congress, which was regarding the auditing of the Fed and getting free of legal tender laws. He revealed his utter desire to make the competition between BTC and Dollar legal and to allow people to come to a conclusion. It was also said that in this competition, the freedom to choose would solve the whole situation fairly.

Paul made a point that he is worried about the power and command that their government has over the dollar, which is the official money. This is entirely notorious and he also included that their government is not going to give this command over money that they have.

In the interview, he was asked to explain his meaning when he said to make the competition legal. To this, he said that as of now, if anyone purchases or sells gold, the government charges taxes on it. But, if you have made a gain in BTC, then they can’t tax the same. 

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