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Sabrent unveils groundbreaking Plotripper Plotting SSD for farming Chia Coin

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Sabrent has introduced new plotting option that will improve hard drive resilience and help the plotter better manage XCH mining damage, Plotripper Plotting SSD.

Sabrent unveils a groundbreaking SSD

The American technology company Sabrent has prepared a new line of SSDs designed for hardcore farming Chia coin (XCH). There are still quite a few details, but Plotripper SSDs should please every Chia farmer. The launch comes at a time when there are growing concerns about the sustainability of Chia Coin following the damage caused by mining to hard drives.

According to the Coinspeaker website, approximately 6 weeks of Chia extraction will drastically reduce the durability of a 512 GB hard drive. The current director of Chia Network, Gene Hoffman, despite agreeing to this, has previously explained as an excuse that only the cheapest available hard drives are prone to damage in XCH mining.

However, with the new options of the plotter, Plotripper and Plotripper PRO, those interested in mining the cryptocurrency Chia can relax thanks to the effectively increased service life.

Chia Coin mining in Windows using HDD and SSD

Plotripper Plotting SSD: Good news for Chia Coin

This is also very good news for the company, which was recently valued at approximately $500 million before a possible initial offering (IPO). It also received $61 million in Series D funding. The funding round was led by Richmond Global Ventures and Andreessen Horowitz, venture companies in Silicon Valley and New York.

Sabrent unveils groundbreaking Plotripper Plotting SSD for farming Chia Coin

The new Plotripper Plotting SSD range boasts phenomenal performance. The standard Plotripper comes with 10,000 terabytes write (TBW), while the Plotripper PRO comes with 1 TB and 2 TB capacities with 27000 TBW and 54000 TBW. These new Plotripper SSD capabilities take plotting capabilities to the completely new level.

For comparison, a typical 2TB consumer TLC unit is good for about 3,000 TBW. This means that the Plotripper has 2.3 times longer life than a standard consumer SSD, while the Plotripper Pro has 18 times longer life.

However, Sabrent has not yet shared the complete specifications for the Plotripper or Plotripper Pro SSD, so performance measurements are not yet available. If the disks use a Phison E18 controller, we can expect PCIe 4.0 speeds. Unfortunately, this means that you will need the latest generation Rocket Lake or Ryzen 3000 series to take full advantage.

With a specification at that level, we don’t expect Plotripper or Plotripper Pro to cost anything less than a kidney. However, Sabrent claims that its latest product line offers “the best unit cost for plotting”. Unfortunately, you will have to believe the word of Sabrent in this matter, while we wait for further details on the prices and availability of SSDs.

Chia Network was established in August 2017 to help improve financial and payment transactions using blockchain technology. It is offered as the first corporate digital currency and a better alternative to energy-intensive BTCs. During the first trading week, XCH traded for up to $1,934.51. After listing on the Huobi exchange, the price was $1,350, then dropped to $614.00 in line with the current market correction.

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