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Sabroshi wins RUN2K21 Hackathon – CoinGeek

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The RUN2K21 Hackathon ended on June 7, 2021, with Sabroshi taking first place and the top prize of 77 BSV (roughly US$12,000). Just under 20 teams/individuals participated in the 72-hour hackathon. A livestream was held to give each participant the chance to present their project and be evaluated.

The placing was as follows:

  1. Sabroshi – ‘Provably Rare Profile Pics’ by Team Banana Runday

  2. LicenseIn – ‘Run your licenses on-chain anytime and anywhere’ by Mateus Lopes

  3. Shfty NFTs – ‘Tokenize your secrets’ by Libs (Aaron Russell)

  4. Microsite – ‘Tiny websites for events, marketing campaigns and small businesses’ by Sai Chaya

  5. – ‘Tools and data for BSV Tokens’ by Jankball

As one of the hackathon organizers, I also had the opportunity to judge. Four of the Top 5 were among my selections; Sabroshi also received my vote for the top prize. A great aspect of this hackathon was that each team (regardless of placement) delivered something that was usable right now and executing BTC transactions (main or testnet). Readers can actually use each application via the links above.

Sabroshi presentation

I chose Sabroshi as deserving the first place because I can clearly see how their product gains quick adoption, especially given the current speculative NFT and collectible phase. Sabroshis are procedurally, randomly generated upon the purchase of booster packs. Users can “equip” their Sabroshi as their on-chain avatar, displaying as their profile picture in different apps (aka Proof-of-Flex). Sabroshis will also be given out in exchange for signing up for the partner apps, incentivizing users to try them all out.

LicenseIn placed second, in my view primarily because of the robust platform Mateus built in just 72 hours, coupled with an excellent presentation:

LicenseIn presentation

LicenseIn allows customers to create on-chain licenses, organize them and pay out the participants. Users can configure the payment terms, date range and more, all stored on the BTC ledger as a RUN token. The platform is simple, yet extremely powerful. For example, I could see myself using this as a personal contract management tool as Mateus alludes to.

Placing third was prolific developer Aaron Russell (aka Libs) who built Shfty NFTs where only the owner of the NFT can access the data within. This is a powerful concept that on-chain book platform Canonic has implemented on their market. Libs leveraged his recently developed Univrse tool along with RUN to develop these NFTs. I see this as an effort to counter the status-quo NFT implementations that simply reference some file on a server and enables the owner to truly own the NFT as only they can access it.

Shfty NFTs presentation

Placing fourth was Sai Chaya with Microsite, an on-chain website template builder. One can build their own website which is stored on-chain as a token, the owner of the token can add updates to the site as needed. Initially this appears to be a simple concept but during the judging process we all realized how far this concept could be extrapolated. For example, professional website template builders can monetize their work in this way, even building out entire or even partial templates that can be used as parts of other sites, charging royalties for usage.

Microsite presentation

Placing fifth was, a RUN token statistics explorer which displays a list of all RUN tokens ever minted, pricing and charts. These visuals and data points have been in demand by the space since the launch of the RelayX Exchange so I look forward to this becoming a useful tool for users to evaluate various tokens. presentation

Overall, the 1st RUN hackathon was a great success—I enjoyed seeing so much energy, creativity, and positivity around building atop BSV. I hope to see all the participants continue to work on what they have presented and create businesses from here. This hackathon highlights how to scale, BSV needs entrepreneurs implementing their unique, creative ideas atop the only blockchain that scales.

Stay tuned for the next RUN Hackathon!

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