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Search for the term NFT beats cryptocurrencies on Google

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Google searches for non-fungible tokens (NFT) grew by 1,000% last year and are still on an uptrend, indicating that more and more people are expressing interest in these assets.

A closer look at the results of the top web search engine reveals that people have preferred to pursue investment in NFTs over cryptocurrencies in recent months.

While searches for the term “cryptocurrencies” have been higher than searches for NFTs for most of the past year, these searches have started to decline since November 2021.

Now, Google Trends shows that there are far more people searching for NFTs than there are users searching for cryptocurrencies.

Geographically, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Venezuela and Canada have the most searches for NFTs, according to Google, with the NFT craze sweeping Asia.

Meanwhile, Singapore, Slovenia, the Netherlands, Cyprus and Nigeria have the highest searches for cryptocurrencies.

Search for the term NFT beats cryptocurrencies

While NFT searches are inferior to BTC searches, looking at this trend, there are more people searching NFTs on Google than ETH. The same can be said for the remaining top 10 cryptocurrencies by market cap.

Since NFT search volume began showing a continuous upward trend in July last year, the global monthly search volume for BTC has remained relatively unchanged.

At the same time, the search volume for blockchain and other cryptocurrency-related terms also remained relatively unchanged.

In recent months, NFTs have also become a search term on nearly every major social networking site, including Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

The growth of the term NFT on social networks and in Google searches also coincided with the increase in sales of these assets.

Now monthly sales are up to $3 billion, up from $1.2 billion a month ago.

During the same period, the market value of cryptocurrencies is on a downward trend. After all, the value went from US$ 2.2 trillion to the current US$ 1.6 trillion.s

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