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Self-reflection as part of personal wealth and a consistent personality

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Time is tightening and people are sometimes willing to back down from their ideals and principles to adapt to their surroundings or for other reasons. Not only in such cases, self-reflection becomes an essential prerequisite for maintaining an undistorted and healthy personality.

Self-reflection – an obstacle or a helper?

Just as love sometimes hurts, admitting your own mistakes and mistakes can be a healing process that will enrich you in the end. However, we are talking about a sensitive topic. Man is a part of nature and just like nature, people can be cruel and seemingly callous.

It is quite debatable to what extent the case of callously defending one’s own interests in a certain evolution is given a given nature, and to what extent this activity is given by the absence of self-reflection of the individual. Similarly, one may ask to what extent the behavior of an individual is determined by the environment and thus by what is considered customary in the society of which he is a part. However, it is clear that on a conscious level, through the use of self-reflection, it is possible to examine these unconscious patterns of behavior and achieve choice.

Therefore, I believe that self-reflection can only be an obstacle for one who benefits from his unconscious behavior, often at the expense of someone else, and, conversely, an aid for anyone who chooses a certain conscious being.

A wealth of knowledge of one’s own mistakes

It occurs to almost everyone that usually only the problems we know about can be solved. Self-reflection will then be great for finding opportunities for change. Contact with people who have given up these efforts can be quite sad and demanding, or downright unpleasant.

A person with a lack of self-reflection often suffers from certain personality defects. Very often he sees problems everywhere else, but not with himself, and it is no exception that he becomes aggressive when mentioning this topic, or ignores arguments completely and takes repeated radical attitudes towards those who try to do so with his mistakes. to confront. Such a person then logically begins to avoid sincere and characteristic people and is therefore surrounded by those with less developed consciousness.

This is one of the reasons why self-reflection is clearly one of the most important parts of personal development.


The wealth of knowledge of your own shortcomings can hurt and even in the short term can very effectively delay you in achieving your goals, or force you to reconsider many things. Nevertheless, I believe that trying to solve your problems and willingness to acknowledge your own mistakes will not only benefit your loved ones, but ultimately yourself. In addition, by following the causes of your behavior – through self-reflection – you build your character.

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