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Sensorium Galaxy Sets to Take Over Entertainment Space with Advanced Technologies

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Sensorium Galaxy will also be bringing well-known artists such a Black Coffee and David Guetta to perform later in the last quarter of the year after the launch of the PRISM world.

There is about to be a revolution in the entertainment space with metaverses such as Sensorium Galaxy about to take over from YouTube, Facebook, and other entertainment platforms. In addition, the metarverse has its native blockchain token – SENSO.

The project, Sensorium Galaxy and Senso, includes several innovative technologies. Some of the technologies the large-scale project boasts of include virtual reality, artificial intelligence, blockchains, digital humans, and so on. Hence, Sensorium Galaxy can be regarded as a metaverse as a result of these visionary technologies. 

Sensorium Galaxy

Sensorium Galaxy plays an excellent role in bringing together top designers, artists, developers, as well as VR creators. In addition, users of the metaverse will be allowed to attend performances, concerts, guided meditation, and mindfulness sessions. Also, users can spend time with their loved ones, dance and host parties, or go on dates. 

Also, Sensorium Galaxy and SENSO have unique features that distinguish them from other entertainment and virtual reality platforms. Some of these features include its intelligent AI avatars. These intelligent AI avatars, also the digital humans, act more like actual humans with their ability to constantly learn and evolve. Additionally, the Sensorium Galaxy’s AAA-level design gives it an edge over other entertainment and VR platforms. The avatars were created by popular artist Jason Ebeyer. Also, the concert locations in the PRISM world were designed in cooperation with nightlife and entertainment company, The Night League. 

Furthermore, the blockchain’s digital currency SENSO can be used for any kind of transaction on the platform. On the other hand, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) will be used to create and monetize avatars and collectibles. 

Another way the metaverse differs from other platforms is the cross-platform support feature. This feature allows users with no VR set to enjoy concerts and interacts with avatars through their computers or mobile devices. 

Payments with SENSO Attracts 20% discount

Sensorium Galaxy will also be bringing well-known artists such a Black Coffee and David Guetta to perform later in the last quarter of the year after the launch of the PRISM world. Interested persons can obtain their tickets from the Sensorium Galaxy store. Also, payments may be with either SENSO or a traditional bank card. However, paying with SENSO attracts an automatic 20% discount. As the artists perform as avatars, guests can enjoy being present as virtual avatars, especially with a VR headset. Regardless, anyone can attend the concert using other devices. 

SENSO is now available on exactly seven crypto exchanges. Anyone interested may get the token on KuCoin, HitBTC, Bittrex, MCX,, Hotbit, and Poloniex. 

Following the releases of PRISM, the metaverse will be launching MOTION, the second world in its digital metaverse. Motion is designed for personal development with features like guided meditations and mindfulness sessions. Although most of the activities of MOTION will be free, there will be premium events that must be paid for. Users can pay for the premium events with SENSE tokens.

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