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Shortly from the Cryptoworld 07-02-20

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Shortly from the Cryptoworld 07-02-20


Ethereum 2.0 already in the summer of 2020?


During the “Ask Me Anything” section, leading developers of Ethereum answered various community questions. In addition to the expected staking questions, Justin Drake also indicated the date when Ethereum 2.0 could be launched. He explained that most of the remaining steps relate to audits of the existing code. The deposit contract, which deals with staking deposits, is ready for deployment. The user interface needs completion and control, which developers estimate to be three months. “I hope to launch this by July 30, 2020 (the fifth anniversary of Ethereum 1.0). I think it is unlikely that we will start in the first or second quarter of 2020, ”he said. When asked if it would be disappointing if Ehtereum 2.0 were to move to 2021, he said, “Yes, it would be a failure. I have 95% confidence that we will start in 2020. ”


Bitcoin offers investors the diversification of wealth, Pompliano says


According to Anthony Pompliano, a co-founder of Morgan Creek Digital’s digital asset management company, he said his view of Bitcoin as global hedging has been consolidating over time. Nor did Bitcoin’s view of the asset, whose price does not correlate with the rest of the traditional market. “The most important part of bitcoin in terms of global security is the fact that it is an uncorrelated asset – that is, regardless of whether stocks go up or down, Bitcoin does not correlate with them,” he said. “Bitcoin offers a way for investors to diversify their wealth and add a level of protection that they would never get without Bitcoin.”


Professional MLB baseball players lured into the cryptocurrency Ponzi


John Caruso and Zachary Salter were arrested and charged with fraud and money laundering. Reportedly, they were supposed to attract investors, including professional MLB baseball players, to the cryptocurrency ponzi. The complaint is that both charges since June 2018 have deceived more than 90 investors and lured at least $ 7.5 million. According to the indictment, however, the promised purchase of cryptocurrencies never took place and they both financed their super-luxury lifestyle with money. They then boasted on their soc. networks.


Lightning Labs gain $ 10 million and launches Lightning Loop


Lighning Labs, a developer that is developing a Lightning Network high-speed transaction protocol to streamline, accelerate, and discount bitcoin payments by operating on the second tier of its blockchain, has secured $ 10 million for its first round of funding for the next round. Elizabeth Stark also announced the launch of the first commercial project Lightning Loop. Loppi is a service that facilitates sending and receiving funds for Lightning and serves as an on and off ramp between the Lightning Network and the bitcoin blockchain. Its release brings significant improvements, including batching (for chain fee efficiency), time-based discounts, volume discounts, authentication tokens, a more complete development API, improved stability, and increased Loop transaction limits.


ICE and Fidelity are also investing in blockchain


ICE is the world’s largest digital market maker (eg NYSE) and is the parent company of the Bakkt Exchange. Fidelity, in turn, provides services for the safe possession of property. Like ICE, Fidelity provides cryptocurrency-related services. Their interest in the blockchain environment continues to grow, signaling continued, institutional inputs into the cryptocurrency world. Fidelity’s subsidiary, Eight Roads, invests in the Israeli startup Clear, which forms a blockchain for high-speed business-to-business transactions. Another interesting news comes from ICE (Intercontinental Exchange), which has bought Bridge2 Solutions through its subsidiary Bakkt. It provides services related to loyalty programs. Institutions thus further signal that interest in Blochain technology is on the rise. This is another good mark for cryptocurrency future. The combination of blockchain and big names such as ICE or Fidelity helps the reputation of cryptocurrencies within the general community.




Ethereum, along with Bitcoin Cash, broke strong resistance, adding both currencies to more than 10%. We also have new high values ​​for 2020.


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All content in this article is for informational purposes only and in no way serves as investment advice. Investing in cryptocurrencies, commodities and stocks is very risky and can lead to capital losses.
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