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Shortly from the Cryptoworld 30-01-20

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Shortly from the Cryptoworld 30-01-20


Bitcoin must keep over $ 9000 to create a bullrun structure, Vays says

Tone Vays, one of the most watched cryptotraders in his latest YouTube video on Tuesday, January 28, warned that he was still not 100 percent ready to claim that Bitcoin had entered a new bullmarket. He thinks that in order to confirm bullrun, Bitcoin needs to stay above $ 9,000 for a few days and a 200-day moving avarage (200 MA). “If we fall back below the 200-day moving average, the double top remains in effect,” he pointed out.

Meanwhile, Binance chief Changpeng Zhao critically advised people that analysts who feared that Bitcoin would drop to $ 5,000 and talked about $ 1,000 per BTC a year earlier should be removed from their follow-up list as soon as possible. This obviously includes Vays, whose negative price predictions for Bitcoin were often cited.


Important progress: Syscoin brings direct interoperability with Ethereum!


The team behind the development of Syscoin Cryptoplatform (SYS), which focuses on solving blockchain scalability problems, has announced that they have successfully implemented the feature for the first mainnet swap between Syscoin and blockchain Ethereum. This may be one of the key messages of the recent period, many developers are addressing the issue of linking different blockchains.


Smart Contracts at Cardano: Has New Documentation Triggered in Price Rises?

If you follow the Cardano (ADA) cryptocurrency price movements, it certainly has not missed your attention that it has performed very well in recent days. This is evidenced by a 23% appreciation (at the time of writing) over the last week, which is clearly the best out of the 10 strongest cryptocurrencies on the market by market capitalization. The reasons for the rise in the price of ADA tokens are intensely speculated, but probably this can be attributed to Monday’s publication that describes the Goguen phase, or implementation of long-awaited smart contracts on the Cardano blockchain.


Interest in Bitcoin on social networks has begun to grow significantly

Bitcoin’s movement above $ 9,000 was also reflected in people’s increasing interest in talking about this. According to the cryptoanalytic firm LunarCRUSH, Bitcoin reached a new record on 27th January of this year with nearly 320 million unique mentions (Bitcoin posts on social networks in one day) on January 27th.


The British firm accuses Icelandic Bitcoin mining giant of non-payment

Bitcoin’s Icelandic mining company, Genesis Mining Iceland, did not pay UK Digital Capital for the development and maintenance of its banking and graphics card software. The dispute is pending in total by GBP 6 million. Genesis began operations in 2013 and and in the years to come it became the largest mining company in the world.


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