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Solana Saga Phone goes into the next round – and smashes the annual record of the Saga Phone 1

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Admittedly, it took a while for the Solana Saga Phone 1 to really take off, but once it did, the success was truly phenomenal. The Saga 1 was launched in May 2022 and by the end of 2023 the smartphone was completely sold out, despite the hefty price of initially 1,000 USD – the price was later reduced to 599 USD. If you still want a Saga from the first series, you’ll have to dig a little deeper into your pockets. The smartphone is now being offered on eBay for between 2,500 USD and around 5,000 USD. There are even offers of 15,000 USD circulating.

Why the surge in demand? Bonk was to blame 

The demand for the Saga Phone probably exploded because all buyers were entitled to an airdrop of 30 million Bonk. All you had to do was download the Bonk app from the Crypto-Forward Custom App Store. At the time, this airdrop was worth around 700 USD, more than the Saga phone cost. Within 48 hours, sales increased tenfold. 15,000 devices were sold in one day – at least that’s what the website says. However, the marketing stunt worked brilliantly – all devices were completely sold out by the end of the year.

Then came the Saga Phone 2

It is therefore hardly surprising that Saga or Solana wants to build on this success. Especially because the SOL is currently consolidating. On December 26, 2023, the SOL reached a price of around 120 USD. Since then, the price has fallen by around 23%. The SOL price is currently around 86 USD. Then Solana announced that a second chapter would follow. In the last few days, this promise became quite concrete with the Saga Phone 2, with even greater success. The smartphone was pre-ordered around 30,000 times within 48 hours – even though not much is known about it yet. There is only a hint on the website that the Saga Phone 2 will have similar functions to the previous model, for example an integrated crypto wallet, a dApp store and special Android software. However, there is also a small catch. In order for the phone to even go into production, at least 100,000 units have to be sold. This is also what it says on the project’s official website. Delivery should then take place in the first half of 2025. The new phone will also be connected to rewards and giveaways from the Solana ecosystem. However, exactly what they should look like remains a secret. Oh yes, a refund of the amount of 450 US dollars is also excluded.

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