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Sony’s latest patent reveals plans to introduce ‘super-fungible tokens’

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Sony, the giant behind PlayStation, is exploring Web3 concepts with its latest patent application for “super-fungible tokens.”

Sony aims to integrate blockchain technology into gaming with a patent for super-fungible tokens

This approach seeks to incorporate blockchain technology into games, enabling players to own their in-game items. This could alter the way we interact with video games, transforming previously non-transferable items, such as skins and battle passes, into tradable assets.

Typically, when players spend money on game items, they have to write off these expenses if they lose interest in the game. These assets, locked within specific games, hold no value outside of them. However, Sony’s foray into blockchain suggests a future where players can sell or trade these items.

The patent describes a method for tracking gaming assets linked to a player’s electronic device, creating metadata for these assets. This metadata forms the basis of a super-fungible token. It represents a collection of NFTs stored on a distributed ledger or blockchain. Remarkably, this system could open up a new market where players can freely trade their game items.

Sony's latest patent reveals plans to introduce 'super-fungible tokens'

Sony’s plans remain broad, and the patent does not specify whether it will use a public or private blockchain. This leaves the door open for various implementations, from creating an exclusive Sony blockchain to adopting existing public chains.

However, super-fungible tokens go beyond just a technical marvel; they represent a shift in how players interact with their virtual assets. These tokens would tie in-game items – skins, weapons, vehicles – into tokenized NFTs, enabling true ownership in the gaming world.

Still, much of this remains speculative, with Sony yet to commit to commercializing this latest patent. It remains to be seen whether Sony will opt for a more controlled private chain or a decentralized Web3 approach.

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