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Spotlight on JSwap.Finance as TVL Hits Record on OKExchain

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Spotlight on JSwap.Finance as TVL Hits Record on OKExchain

Shortly after its launch on OKExchain, Jswap (Jswap.Finance), a decentralized transaction and assets management protocol, is attracting massive public interest.

Its user base is en route to hitting 100,000 while having more than $60 million in Total Locked Value (TVL). Investors can earn APY up to 1476.13% for JF/USDT in just 24 hours, making it one of the best farming protocols out there. 

Decentralized finance is the latest booming development in the cryptocurrency space, with DEXes snowballing.

Jswap is an up-and-coming platform distinguished for its efficiency and security, with the unique mission to integrate decentralized transactions and financial management protocols (DEX & DeFi).

Unlike some DeFi user interfaces, the Jswap interface is significantly intuitive and can accommodate both new and experienced yield farmers.

Jswap provides a one-stop DeFi services platform for users, offering: 

  • Swap mining
  • Liquidity mining
  • Single token vault (machine gun pool)
  • Single token liquidity mining (providing liquidity for other swaps spontaneously)
  • Stable token Eexchange, market charts
  • DAO dividends pool to include those participants in the governance process, and many more functions to efficiently realize self-driven liquidity creation and give participants the greatest value dividends.

In addition to conventional DEX trading and fund pool functions, Jswap offers one distinctive and innovative feature called “swap mining”. Whereby during the process of swapping, users will receive the corresponding governance token JF rewards, that is, “swap mining”.

By definition, Jswap’s swap mining is different from other platforms. It offers unique options for “long-term mining” and “dynamic mining”.

Therefore inherently providing flexible compensation reward based on the loss of each user’s “transaction fee” and “transaction slippage”, and automatically supports all ecological projects in the public chain.

Moreover, this mechanism helps ensure the project parties who come to Jswap liquidity pools and their community users maximize the benefits. While at the same time, supporting the ecological development of other projects. Therefore, it would be very attractive for projects to trade in the Jswap liquidity pool.

In addition, the output of Jswap swap mining is determined based on the user’s real transaction volume, rather than a fixed release of each pool on a daily basis like other platforms.

Then divided according to the transaction share, so it is more fair and reasonable, close to “fair launch”.

It also avoids the concentration of chips in the hands of early birds and big players and reduces the pressure of subsequent huge chips.

Finally, the introduction of the recommendation mechanism will help Jswap users increase rapidly. Although this mechanism is only level 2, once the “fission” effect occurs, it can be expected that Jswap’s user base will rapidly expand, forming a “snowball” effect.

The increase in trading users and frequency can lead to token deflation and backing of the price in the secondary market and forming a virtuous circle.

Buoyed by the platform’s impressive TVL amounts and increases in trading volume, Jswap’s Co-founder, David Webb, is confident that broad industry adoption will follow, stating:

“There’s no question that DeFi is making an impact on the current economic landscape, but for the industry to thrive, there has to be an open and efficient financial platform that is convenient for developers, liquidity providers, and traders, and accessible to all users.

Jswap ensures participants will be provided with top-of-line security, numerous asset choices, as well as smooth and easy participation in the ecosystem. Overall, it provides all-around support for the development of decentralized projects and the prosperity of the OKExchain ecosystem.”

Jswap has passed the security audit of Slow Mist and is committed to creating a secure and smooth user experience with announcements for a slew of technical enhancements and developments. 

“With many developments and features in the pipeline, we’re moving closer to a next-generation secure blockchain landscape that will support the DeFi ecosystem for years to come. Fast, low-cost transactions and attractive APY are key for the platform,” he concluded.   

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