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Stablecoins will dominate the financial market until 2025, they are growing extremely!

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The market for stablecoins is growing at an extreme rate. According to Unstoppable Domains CEO Matthew Gould, stablecoins will approach by 2025 to the limit of 1 trillion USD, which would mean a tenfold increase compared to the current market value of $ 115 billion.

Stablecoins are the future

According to Matthew Gould, it is highly likely that BTC will reappear for at least a year will not exceed its historic high of $ 64,000. Despite regulatory uncertainties, however, there are coins on the market that will go their own way, and they are stablecoins.

“Maybe it will be even faster than I think. The more people own stablecoins, the more people can participate in decentralized finance. “

Although the market for stablecoins is growing at a really dizzying rate, it must be added that there are also some financial risks associated with the volatility of cryptocurrencies. There is also the problem of a one-to-one ratio to tied assets such as the US dollar.

“Whenever such growth occurs, there is a risk,” Gould remarked.

Competition can solve many problems

Growing competition in the stablecoins market can have a very positive effect on various difficulties and risks.

“Companies like Circle and their USDC have taken the most conservative and secure approach to building their stablecoins. In the US, they are actively involved and comply with the regulations. “

Gould’s views come at a time of tremendous regulatory change. Among stablecoins, Tether has the most attention with its USDT. Among other things, in mid-July, US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen called on financial authorities to urgently establish an appropriate regulatory framework for stablecoins.


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