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Store, Spend, Transact and Earn with the Stablecoins of the Samecoin Ecosystem

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With its range of stablecoins, Samecoin has created a simple ecosystem that should boost digital currencies towards mass-adoption and make them easy to spend every day. Many of the factors that hold back normal people from getting involved in digital currencies for payments are eradicated with the Samecoin ecosystem, as we’ll soon find out. But Samecoin isn’t just a currency that’s easy to spend, it also brings with it a range of investment opportunities as well as associated apps like SamePay that make it perfect for all sorts of people.

The stablecoins of the Samecoin ecosystem

Samecoin acts as the main utility token at the top of the family tree, but that’s not the actual spendable currency that people can start using for everyday purchases. For that, they have a range of stablecoins at their disposal, primarily SameUSD and SameEUR (with more planned in the pipeline).

Stablecoins in general are a good way to start spending digital currency without worrying about them losing or gaining value in the future, and making them much more easy for normal people to understand as they’re often tied to fiat currencies people know the value of at all times.

And Samecoin’s stablecoins are even more stable than many others, as they’re tied to a basket of other stablecoins rather than just one fiat itself. But how can Samecoin users enjoy a range of benefits from the ecosystem?


Holding Samecoin and stablecoins like SameUSD is easy, especially with the easy-to-understand wallet app SamePay. This has a simple address that people won’t forget.


Buying real items with digital currencies has never been easier thanks to Samecoin’s ecosystem. With one SameUSD, Kevin can now buy his morning coffee and know the value equals $1. He also knows it won’t fluctuate rapidly in the next few days.


Transactions in crypto are made even simpler with SamePay. As part of the Samecoin ecosystem, users can send or receive SameUSD with a few simple clicks and easy wallet addresses. Unlike some other ways of transacting crypto, where you have to remember complicated addresses and jump through all sorts of hoops just to do something that should be simple. After all, making easy transactions with a digital currency was supposed to be easy, wasn’t it? Well, it is with SamePay and Samecoin, you can even exchange into other currencies quickly and easily, too.


Aside from just being a set of stable currencies people can easily understand, Samecoin also has a range of benefits for holders—like reduced fees on the SamePay app (that are already some of the lowest around), and staking rewards. The great thing about integrating the Samecoin protocol into an easy-to-use payment platform like SamePay is that users can enjoy the staking and minting benefits of DeFi without fully understanding them, paving the way for mass adoption and a revolutionized future for digital currencies that everyone can use, understand, earn and enjoy.

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