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SuperFarm Launches NFT Farming: Benefits For $Super Holders

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SuperFarm Launches NFT Farming: Benefits For $Super Holders

SuperFarm has announced the launch of new core functionality NFT farming which empowers $SUPER holders and partner projects to leverage their tokens in a non-inflationary way. This launch turned SuperFarm into a new era.

The platform SuperFarm is designed to offer a cross-chain NFT farming platform that makes non-fungible tokens (NFTs) more accessible and easier to get to grips with.

With SuperFarm, anyone is able to set up their own NFTs and NFT farms without any coding knowledge required.

The platform is where users not only can purchase NFTs with points generated by farming and create their own unique NFTs, but also help to break down the technical challenges that typically come with digital collectibles.

More Utilities Are Going to Be Added for the SuperFarm Community

A few days ago, the platform has launched the claim portal and native launchpad SuperStarter, helping it to maintain the fast pace of delivering its product suite.

The NFT Farming is going to live now promises to the SuperFarm community another key piece that will bring powerful utility to the $Super token.

in addition, SuperFarm’s unique tech stack will allow partner projects to use the SuperFarm platform to turn their native token into NFT farms, which is also promised to bring attractive utility to both the project’s and SuperFarm’s communities.

Farming Genesis Series NFTs with SUPER Tokens

To mark this significant milestone, the SuperFarm platform now allows SUPER holders to deploy their tokens and get started with NFT farming.

By staking $SUPER tokens and accruing points on a block-by-block basis based on a proportional share of the total pool, users will be able to redeem these points for SuperFarm Genesis Series NFTs. Unredeemed points will have additional utility in the future.

SuperFarm Merges DeFi and NFTs in New Innovative Ways

The blockchain industry has seen exciting innovations and new applications in both the NFT space and the DeFi landscape.

With the launch of NFT farming on SuperFarm, the platform has made an entirely new level of utility and gamification to the NFT and DeFi world.

NFT farming gives a project’s community an exciting opportunity to get rewards in a non-inflationary way which protects token holders from being “inflated away.”

Also, SuperFarm provides projects endless possibilities to add unique NFT properties and utility by allowing Farmed NFTs to come in different shapes and forms.

Furthermore, projects are able to create a novel gamification aspect to their ecosystem in many creative ways. There is no limit to what can be accomplished with NFT farming.

This Is Just the Beginning

The $Super farm is just the beginning, the platform claimed that multi-asset LP farms including a SUPER/ETH farm to reward liquidity providers will be come up soon.

In addition to giving priority access to drops and enabling farming boosts, the platform promises that users will be received special in-game utility in upcoming SUPERVERSE games on Genesis Series NFTs.

SuperFarm is working on with several partner farms to give users a genuinely immersive and collaborative experience with NFT farming on SuperFarm.

More SuperFarm is Coming

SuperFarm is created by Elliot Wainman, also known as Ellio Trades. He is a famous crypto content creator, trader, and influencer with over 100,000 followers across YouTube and Twitter.

The platform is a cross-chain DeFi protocol allowing users to deploy crypto and NFT farm without code requirements.

The SUPER token is a major component of SuperFarm products. SUPER token holders help shape how the platform develops by voting on governance proposals in the SuperFarm network. Users will need to stake 100,000 SUPER to create their farm that ensures only high-quality farms are launched.

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