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Sylvester Stallone Launches Rocky and Rambo NFT Collection

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For fans of the blockbusters Rambo and Rocky, Hollywood star Sylvester Stallone has something new. He just released a collection of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) inspired by the movies.

Scheduled to be launched in April, the “PlanetSly” collection is made up of 9,997 “SLYGuys” NFTs that promise to “punch the ETH blockchain in the face”.

Each of the digital collectibles was curated by Stallone himself, who announced the collection’s launch on his Facebook profile. Instagram.

In addition to being a collection of tokens honoring Stallone, PlanetSLY will also be a community that will provide events, benefits and opportunities to participants.

Sylvester Stallone Launches Rocky and Rambo NFT Collection

Stallone’s NFTs

According to PlanetSly’s website, Stallone is “adding his own creative talent to this project.” World-renowned artist Clark Mitchell of Marvel, Hasbro and Star Wars is also collaborating on the initiative.

“Sly is our NFT Battalion Commander and guided the vision of what the SLYGuy NFTs will look like. Sly wanted a fun way to represent his 50-year career in Hollywood. So he worked with world-renowned artist Clark Mitchell to execute his vision,” the project’s website reads.

The SLYGuys NFTs have over 200 unique features ranging from their boxing gloves to the weapons Stallone used and his dog. In addition, the tokens will act as a membership card for exclusive events and experiences.

“IRL events like The Ultimate Sylvester Stallone Experience, which includes a gala dinner hosted by Sly himself! You’ll be at the Film & Cocktails Club – a live movie night and party with Sly! Plus a lot more!” says the website.

There are also 25 “Golden Signature SLYGuys” NFTs in the collection. These collectibles will be individually autographed by the actor and then auctioned on the OpenSea NFTs platform.

The 25 items will also have their own unique set of utilities, which will be auctioned on OpenSea in the future.

There are also plans to launch comics and games in “Round 6” and a metaverse, in “Round 7”. Finally, the last three rounds are yet to be revealed.

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