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Tesla CEO Elon Musk Receives Threats from Anonymous for Manipulating BTC and Wider Crypto Market

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Anonymous stated that Musk’s reckless tweeting against the BTC mining propagated false analysis and made BTC lose potential investors.

Anonymous, a famous hacker group operating online that has been noted for targeting fraudulent government and hoax organizations, has recently issued threats to Elon Musk stating his manipulative ways through which he influences the cryptocurrency market.

Anonymous called Elon Musk out openly on social media stating that Tesla Inc (NASDAQ: TSLA) has been the prime factor in conducting anti-environmental policies and procedures. The hacker group in a clip posted on social media has said that Musk’s Tesla is not as “green” as he propagates it to be. The news has caused a bit of a stir in the crypto market where Elon Musk was seen favoring Dogecoin and has called BTC a currency seeking too much thermal power. Tesla CEO had also urged potential investors to seek other crypto options for trading purposes as BTC has been hazardous to the environment in terms of excessive power usage.

Digging a Little Deeper

In terms of energy and power usage, BTC or BTC consumes electricity to conduct transactions online in an effortless manner, which was the prime reason why Anonymous had posted a video online stating how Tesla’s electric cars and equipment have been following the same trajectory of consuming electricity to maintain power equalization.

Anonymous further pointed out Musk’s hypocrisy in being neutral about environmental hazards when it comes to market Tesla’s products and calling BTC out in the open for employing anti-environmental policy when both of the entities have been working with the same energy principles. Anonymous bluntly targeted Musk for condemning the same procedure when it comes to Tesla and calling BTC mining an unsustainable process that needs to be addressed.

Anonymous Stating Facts for Musk

Anonymous has been quite consistent in calling out national and international organizations/institutions for their hoax antics and social media blunders. Anonymous as an activist group has been influential in expressing their opinion online and has called Musk a spoiled billionaire for his remarks on BTC mining not being sustainable. The group was also seen accusing Musk of making people envision a world full of space travel and electric cars but failed to adopt the green policy himself and blamed Tesla and SpaceX for being non-environment friendly.

The group stated the importance of BTC as one of the prime cryptocurrencies in the US market and said that Musk’s reckless tweeting on the BTC mining being hazardous to the environment propagated false analysis and made BTC lose potential investors. The group again asserted how BTC is a premium game changer for the US market where millions of Americans have been making their money from, whereas Musk’s irrelevance and lack of research on BTC had made poor people suffer the obvious consequences in terms of losing money as BTC prices fell a little after Elon Musk’s inconsequential tweets discarding BTC’s primacy in the crypto market.

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