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The biggest hacker attack in DeFi history

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It has happened what few people can possibly imagine. One of the biggest hacking attacks in the entire history of DeFi projects took place. Hackers have taken over at least $ 600 million. According to the Chinese cyber company SlowMist, the attack was carefully planned and organized.

DeFi shakes the foundations

During this attack, hackers used the so-called exploit to cross-chain protocol Poly Network. All detailed information about the attack was gradually published on Twitter. According to the latest reports, assets from three chains, namely Binance, ETH and Polygon, have been stolen. The hackers were enriched by $ 273 million from ETH, $ 85 million in USDC from Polygon and $ 253 million from Binance Smart Chain.

How could this happen?

Immediately after the information about the hacker attack, the Chinese cyber company SlowMist published important updates, according to which they managed to capture the attacker’s e-mail address, IP address and fingerprint. However, this information was not disclosed.

“Combined with the flow of funds and more information about fingerprints, this can be found to be a long-planned, organized and well-prepared attack.”

Hacker link

Transaction records also revealed one bonus surprise. The hacker left behind three bizarre links. According to data from Etherscan, the hacker is considering returning some of the stolen tokens after he failed to move some tokens.

“It would be a billion-dollar hack if I moved the remaining shitcoins! Did I just save your projects? I’m not so interested in money, now I’m considering whether to return some tokens or just leave them like that. “

Neighborhood support

Even in these cases, the good side of people will help each other. Several prominent personalities from the world of cryptocurrencies took part in the search operation. OKEx CEO Jay Hao said his team is working to monitor the flow of coins and do everything in their power to search for the hacker. Tether’s CEO Paolo Ardoino said his company had just frozen about $ 33 million at one of the affected addresses. The Binance Exchange founder Zhao said, was working to provide security measures after the attack.


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