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The Ecosystem of Tecra

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The Ecosystem of Tecra

Recently, a new project appeared on the radar of the crypto community. Tecra is a company that strives to bring revolution in the field of project financing by combining crowdfunding and blockchain technology.

The company’s ecosystem consists of three core projects: Tecra Space (crowdfunding tokenization platform), TecraCoin (cryptocurrency), and Tecra DEX (decentralized exchange). The past few weeks brought a number of important developments for Tecra and its community and caused the project to gain some well-deserved attention among cryptocurrency traders. 

Why should you pay attention to Tecra?

Tecra has been an active company since 2018. Since then they managed to issue their own cryptocurrency, launch a beta version of their crowdfunding platform, gathered a number of promising projects, enter their first exchange (Hotbit), and much more. 

However, it was the recent weeks that brought our attention to this project. Tecra officially launched the MVP of the Tecra Space fundraising platform, where the first crowdfunding campaign began its collection (photovoltaic power plant project by Expanse Plus), and their cryptocurrency TCR entered the Uniswap exchange. 

TecraCoins, a number of which were converted onto Uniswap-compatible ERC-20 blockchain, immediately gained traction on the decentralized exchange. The interest in the coin was big enough for the company to double the number of coins available on Uniswap. Currently, 200 000 ERC-20 TCR are available for trading on Uniswap and the company has already announced that the maximum amount of TecraCoins on the exchange will be limited to one million.

Native TecraCoins are currently available on the Hotbit exchange, but the company is said to be in talks with other leading exchanges to provide coin holders with new trading opportunities. 

The unprecedented interest in TCR on Uniswap and the subsequent difference between CEX and DEX prices of TecraCoin has caused the company to temporarily shut down the bridge that converts TCR into the ERC-20 compatible currency. However, the bridge will be reopened as soon as possible, and with new weekly conversion limits set in place – limits dependent on the TCR volume – to prevent excessive price fluctuation. More detailed data about TecraCoin can be found at:

What distinguishes Tecra’s project?

  1. Crowdfunding innovation. Tecra Space is a crowdfunding platform that implements blockchain technology. It’s a space for creators with innovative ideas that comply with sustainable development and for marketable businesses. Distributed technology solutions such as tokenization, the use of cryptocurrency, or smart contracts bring security and transparency to the field of project financing and provide both investors and creators with new opportunities. 
  1. Tokenization. Tecra Space allows entrepreneurs and creators to tokenize their projects. Each project which begins fundraising emits project tokens, which can be bought with TecraCoins by people interested in supporting them. The tokens serve as a confirmation of an agreement between the investor and the creator but also have value as a crypto asset. In the future, project tokens will be traded on a dedicated decentralized exchange (Tecra DEX) and repurchased by the creators once their project is successful.
  1. Tokens representing real businesses. Tecra offers an alternative to the current trend of tokens with superficial value. Tecra, however, gives the opportunity to trade tokens with tangible value. The tokens emitted on Tecra Space represent real businesses and marketable projects. 
  1. Tecra DEX. Tecra’s decentralized exchange is currently being developed. It will be the dedicated place to trade not only popular cryptocurrencies but also the only place to exchange project tokens from Tecra Space.
  1. TCR available on CEX and DEX exchanges. As mentioned before, TCR is currently listed on two exchanges: Hotbit and Uniswap (TCR ERC-20). Tecra has plans to list the coin on other top-tier exchanges, as well as Tecra’s own decentralized exchange once it is launched.

Profiting with Tecra in practice

You can already support the first project with active fundraising on Tecra Space. At the beginning of May, the photovoltaic farm project by Expanse Plus officially launched its campaign. Once the project is successful, the creators will be obliged to use 80% of their revenue to repurchase the tokens from the market over the period of 15 years. Project tokens by the name of SUN Tokens can be obtained on the platform for TCR. In the future, they will be traded on Tecra DEX along with other project tokens. More information about the SUN Token and the project:

Additionally, Tecra’s business model offers the possibility to profit from the commissions on the projects. If a fundraising campaign is successful, 3% of the raised amount will be redistributed among all TCR holders registered on the platform and 2% of the collected funds will be burned. This is great news for coin holders, as it decreases the number of coins on the market and raises their value.

Another way to profit along with Tecra is, of course, trading TCR on exchanges. The value of TCR has seen a significant rise since the coin was listed on Uniswap. The project is only at the beginning stage, so everything suggests the tendency will continue. The value of the currency is interlinked to the success of the projects on Tecra Space, so we can expect it to steadily rise along with the number of projects which reach their goals on the platform. Tecra is already teasing the new projects that will begin their campaigns on the platform before the end of this year.

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