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The WWW source code from 1989 will be auctioned as NFT

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Source code of World Wide Web (WWW) will be auctioned as NFT. 65 year old computer scientistwho created it, now pdescribes NFT as “The most appropriate form of ownership that exists.”


Fan tokens, ways to monetize artistic content, author’s payments and other NFTs are a trend that has only recently emerged in the crypt market. If there are cryptocurrencies in diapers, then NFT is a newborn. Nevertheless, it has already experienced the first waves of virality, and many stakeholders believe that the NFT may be a very successful model for the use of cryptocurrency in the future.

Platforms are created like mushrooms after the rain, eBay or Binance has been added and many personalities and artists use the possibility of unmistakable tokens. British computer scientist Tim Berners-Lee, who developed the original source code for the World Wide Web (www), makes the data part of the NFT through Sotheby’s.

According to Tuesday’s announcement, the auction house will announce Sotheby’s WWW NFT starting June 23. Offers for NFT named This Changed Everything (this changed everything), containing time-stamped code documentation, starting at $ 1,000.

The WWW source code from 1989 will be auctioned as NFT
“This has changed everything.” Source: Sotheby’s

Tim Berners-Lee

About 10,000 lines of code – written using Python – were first created in 1989. That was before web browsers, Amazon, or even cryptocurrencies began to exist. Includes implementations of HTML, HTTP, and URI languages ​​and protocols…

Tim Berners-Lee years later, he put the www into his NFT and tossed it a letter explaining how he created the code and his signature. The website was donated to the world years ago. In other words, Berners-Lee never patented his source code, but provided it for free to everyone. According to Sotheby’s, all proceeds from the sale of this NFT will be provided for initiatives that Berners-Lee and his wife support.

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While the NFT as a whole has been declining in recent weeks, Sotheby’s is apparently profiled as an auction hall of highly interesting objects. According to Cointelegraph, in March the auction house announced that it would offer tokenized art from a creator known as Pak and last week, it sold its London store CryptoPunk for $ 11.8 million, which is said to be a world record for this type of artwork.

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