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These 9- and 14-year-old siblings earn $ 32,000 a month

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These siblings made thousands of dollars by mining Ethereum. While most children play on the computer, siblings Ishaan and Aanya Thakura make money with them. The duo currently earns $ 32,000 a month.

Siblings earn $ 32,000 a month

Duo became interested in cryptocurrencies after their father told them about BTC. However, the price rose and they decided to mine. However, they found that BTC mining had become an oversaturated market. Therefore, they opted for the second largest cryptocurrency; ETH.

They started mining Ethereum using an old gaming laptop. And they made $ 1,000 in their first month of mining. This motivated the couple to take their activities to the next level, given the profits they made from just an old gaming laptop. Cryptocurrency mining requires chips to mine, and here the siblings have encountered their first problem.

The siblings wanted to expand their mining operations, but there was a shortage of chips due to the pandemic. The duo had two options; Buy chips from online retailers at a higher price or wait for the chips to become available. They chose the latter.

9-year-old Aanya and 14-year-old Ishaan have signed up to update supplies from retailers such as Best Buy and Micro Center. When the chips and hardware needed for their mining operations were available, they were notified by e-mail. And the siblings joined the retailers before it opened the next day and they could get the parts.

This strategy proved to be profitable for them, as the duo were able to expand their mining operations outside their home garage. Their kits generated too much heat to stay in their home garage, so they now have an air-conditioned data center in downtown Dallas, where they store most of their mining kits. Although they still have about 30 cards in their garage.

Extension of the university fund by ETH

Profits from mining, Ishaan explained, go to their college fund. Both siblings have dreams of becoming doctors and hope that Ethereum mining will help them fulfill their dreams of studying at university.

When it comes to electricity costs, their return far exceeds the energy bill. For the previous month, they had to pay a $ 850 domestic electricity bill and a $ 1,650 data center electricity bill.

Their current setup consists of 14 mining rigs that have 82 processors to mine Ethereum. Then five sets with 12 processors to mine Ravencoin, because these processors are not strong enough to extract Ethereum. Currently, they have ordered four more mining rigs from China with built-in processors.

How to Mine Ravencoin in 2021

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