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TOP 3 strong cryptocurrencies that have the potential for new ATH

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The cryptocurrency market is back on the rise now. BTC is still a long way from ATH, but there are cryptocurrencies that may surpass historically highest maximum in one week. Which are they?

Cardano – Strong foundations of this cryptocurrency

ADA has very strong fundamentals in recent days that push this altcoin into the clouds. This is the first of TOP 10 most famous cryptocurrencies, which will probably get to the new ATH, resp. historically highest values. After breaking the resistance at $ 2.4, the bullish trend may continue.

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ETH – Update pushes the price up

ETH is only a few days after one of the biggest updates in history. The latest London update brought a reduction in network fees and a deflationary element that withdraws a certain amount of coins from circulation with each payment in the network. It’s not working but only by one update. ETH has been growing since last year, when the largest ever transition in the network to Version 2.0. A slightly less well-known update, which took place about half a year ago, was the Berlin update. Shanghai update is waiting for us in 3 months.

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Luna – a newcomer among the top cryptomas

Luna belongs more to the older generation of cryptocurrencies. We have only recently seen its great growth. At the beginning of the year, she did this cryptocurrency 2,800% recovery. After the correction, Luna comes to life again and this cryptocurrency is only 25% missing from the historically highest value.

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