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Tradefada Launch New and Improved App

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Tradefada Launch New and Improved App

The instant exchange of cryptocurrency with the naira and other fiat currencies just got a whole lot easier, thanks to a fresh re-launch of an innovative trading app, the TradeFada app. Developers of the app believe that through their product, they can bring the needed change and confidence to enable new traders to build up their cryptocurrency portfolio.

The release comes on the heels of the Central Bank of Nigeria’s (CBN) directives that banks and other financial institutions should prohibit cryptocurrency transactions, and also identify individuals or entities who transact in it, in order to close their accounts.

With a renewed commitment to providing an on-the-spot exchange solution, the TradeFada app recently re-launched with greater efficiency, offering access to a robust cryptocurrency exchange with deep liquidity and low fees. It also ensures easy crypto-to-crypto spot trades for over 100 trading pairs.

TradeFada combines the reliability and swiftness of a web-based exchange with the convenience and portability of an app. Partnered with third-party service provider Moon Pay, TradeFada enables foreign users to buy cryptocurrency with fiat currencies such as the U.S. dollar, the British pound, Australian dollar, Swiss franc, Russian rouble, Japanese yen, and more.

The ability for TradeFada to support a global audience is made possible through the use of credit/debit cards, Apple Pay, Samsung, and other popular payment service providers. The app is also available for both Android and iOS devices, found in Google Play and Apple stores worldwide.

With the proliferation of smart phones and increasing rates of internet penetration, TradeFada, will make transactions and exchange of cryptocurrency plausible across multiple borders with unparalleled convenience. 

The TradeFada instant exchange platform guarantees easy trading of BTC (BTC) for the Nigeria naira using an enhanced peer-to-peer mechanism, which renders it distinct from its competitors; a ground-breaking transactional model with unique features.

Following the CBN’s closure of trade on cryptocurrency, the negative effect on Nigeria’s growing market and innovation in the fintech industry has been quite alarming, as the country had been taking the lead in cryptocurrency trading alongside other advanced nations.

TradeFada provides a one-stop cryptocurrency exchange which consists of:

  • Instant exchange for over 30 fiat currencies to over 100 cryptocurrencies via various payment methods.
  • A spot exchange which is:
    • Safe and secure with advanced encryption technology and cold storage wallets to give their users peace of mind. 
    • Fast, responsive, and includes a feature-packed trading terminal.
    • Easily adaptable to partners through its bot-friendly, industry-leading APIs.
    • Highly competitive with their market fee tier system, which encourages an active trading environment.
    • Staffed by an excellent customer support team.

According to TradeFada CEO Seun Dania, these and many more features are to be rolled out soon. Dania believes the tools offered by TradeFada will aid Nigerians in taking part in one of the world’s biggest financial revolutions and generational wealth transfers. 

To get started, download the app, register your account and start trading!

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