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Tradingview sends BTC into space and creates its first NFT

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BTC to the Moon? Yes, thanks to the Tradingview portal. In fact, the platform’s team of engineers created a flight plan that would allow Tradingview’s charts to reach the stratosphere, about 35 km from the earth’s surface “with a monitor and special machine to withstand extreme temperatures and pressures at such altitudes,” the press release released .

Tradingview sends Bitcoin into space and creates its first NFT

And to celebrate this bizarre event, Tradingview used blockchain technology, ETH, to create an NFT capturing their graph in space.

An unmistakable token from Tradingview

A nonfiungible token is located at Opensea and the auction ends August 24. The starting price was 0.1 ETH and now it is 0.17 ETH, currently $ 549.87.

You can also find two more NFTs on the Opensea profile of the Tradingview portal: one is Virgin Galactics stock chart-currently for the price of 0.1 ETH-a second called “All-Time Highs“Is a video of a kind of tarot card in space. The latter NFT also promises some unlockable content, which will be announced when the auction ends.

The description explains that this initiative started as a joke during April 2021, but was so successful that they wanted to make it happen. Tradingview is one of the most visited websites by traders who monitor market trends and analyze cryptocurrencies and stock markets.

BTC in space

In 2019, Blockstream also sent BTC into space to have an alternative way to download a full node of BTC in the event of an insufficient internet connection, for example in the event of a coup d’etat or for the poorest countries and the most remote corners of the world.

The solution was also created for privacy reasons, because anyone sees the IP address associated with their node, while with a satellite connection it is much more difficult.

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