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Understanding how casino bonuses work

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The casino industry has been booming and flourishing ever since the introduction of the online casino platform, allowing users from all over the world to join in on the fun. For a long period of time, international users felt excluded from casino games, but the introduction of online casinos has definitely changed that. This new introduction has made it so popular precisely because of the convenience of playing from home, and due to their ease of use. Another fun feature is the use of welcome bonuses, which also aid immensely in attracting new players.

Many people assume that a welcome bonus is simply just free money, but most don’t really know how they function. Manekineko Casino explains all of that, and suggests the best casinos for new players, which you can learn more about here. It can be quite intimidating if you’ve never used them before. If you are new to online casinos, and want to make the most out of welcome bonuses, here is a brief guide to help you understand how casino bonuses work.

Wagering requirements 

Different welcome bonuses will have different wagering requirements. A wagering requirement is essentially the betting site placing the expectation on to you to wager, stake or turn over a portion of your welcome bonus before you can claim your winnings.  The various wagering requirements are usually as follows – 5x the bonus amount, 10x the bonus amount 1x the bonus amount, or sometimes no requirement. Each casino has different wagering requirements so make sure to read the fine print before playing.

No deposit bonus 

A no deposit bonus is a bonus which the casino gives you simply for registering. Basically how it works is by giving you a small amount to use to play without depositing any of your money. This is not uncommon and you’ll see many casino operators using this tactic. You’ll first need to register and verify that you are a real person, but once that’s done, you can start playing. It’s important to note that some no-deposit bonuses are time-sensitive to a week or amonth, so make sure to not let your bonus go to waste. There’s also a usually a wagering limit as well to prevent you from just cashing out the no deposit bonus as is. There are many games which use this bonus and you should accept a no deposit bonus if you have the opportunity to as you can win big without putting a cent down.

Free spins 

Now, free spins are won in the form of a surprise that gives you a bonus round to play, incentivising you to play longer. How they work is by allowing users to spin more but for free. The games they are usually applicable to are slots, hence the name free spins. You should accept this bonus when you get a chance to as it doesn’t come often but it definitely aids in your progress.

Matched bonus 

With regards to a matched bonus, this kind of bonus is basically the casino saying that they will match your deposit with a bonus. It works by using percentages, so sometimes they’ll match a 100% of the deposit with a bonus of a similar amount, sometimes it’s 50%, sometimes even 10%. Make sure to read the fine print beforehand because they may also cap the bonus to a certain amount. The games you would usually use a matched bonus with are card games and sometimes even slots. You should of course always accept a matched bonus as this betters your chance of winning big by having extra money to use .

The popularity of online casino games are increasing but so is the uncertainty with regards to how they work. There are so many games with different rules and different features which can be overwhelming, especially for someone who is new to the scene and has little to no experience. Don’t be frightened by the different types of casino bonuses. They are not rocket science and do not require a degree in online casinos in order for you to understand what they mean. It may be easier to comprehend than you expected, and once you understand how they work, you’ll be on your way to preparing yourself for big wins with this added advantage.

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