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Unizen: Smart Exchange Ecosystem Creating Liquidity Across CeFi & DeFi Ecosystems

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Unizen is developing a smart exchange ecosystem that concentrates the advantages of centralized exchanges, decentralized exchanges, and effective decision-making tools into a single platform.

This new model allows deep hybrid liquidity and is supported by an interconnected ecosystem including centralized and decentralized exchange elements.

The products and exchanges are all accessible on one platform which helps to reduce trade execution time and mitigate risk through interaction with audited products.

In addition, Unizen allows users to access any asset without leaving the platform and without sending funds between exchanges.

AI-driven social sentiment indicators will take responsibility to show the sentiment at the time when a trade is processed.

Unizen users are able to benefit from process trades with less slippage, higher asset availability, and better security.

What is Unizen?

One of the highlights of Unizen is it supports CeFi and DeFi applications on any network and aggregates trades across the entire ecosystem.

It’s also unique thanks to a partnership with LunarCrush which facilitates social indicators and compliance capabilities via KYC across all modules.

USPs include Binance shared liquidity, multi-asset yield staking, DeFi app onboarding, a cross-chain trade aggregation algorithm, and AI-driven social trade sentiment.

Unizen: Smart Exchange Ecosystem Creating Liquidity Across CeFi & DeFi Ecosystems

CeDeFi Solutions

The rise of enterprise blockchain solutions has the potential for many news trends, and Centralized Decentralized Finance or CeDeFi is one of the latest trends in the blockchain world.

CeDeFi is a combination of traditional centralized financial organizations with mature DeFi applications. The CeDeFi system brings benefits of regulatory safeguards in traditional systems.

Furthermore, it could also offer the benefits of modern innovative financial infrastructure and products.

The Unizen team believes that traders will be able to find out the best opportunities which are based on liquidity depth and fees, network fees, KYC stipulations, and withdrawal fees through CeDeFi architecture of Unizen.

The platforms in the DeFi world can onboard many applications. The Unizen platform allows for voluntary KMC/AML to be carried out while interacting with hosted DeFi applications.

The world’s largest crypto exchange Binance introduced a smart chain, called Binance Smart Chain (BSC), for supporting users in building and developing decentralized applications.

Binance Smart Chain is also known as Binance CeDeFi. The Binance CeDeFi also has the ability to fund protocols, takes advantage of yield farming, as well as offers support for ETH based applications.

The ZCX Token

The native Unizen token is ZCX which is created as an ERC-20 token.
ZCX also mirrors on Binance Smart Chain and can be converted to BEP-20. By integrating Binance Cloud, Binance is able to share liquidity. Users can stake ZCX to fuel the entire Unizen ecosystem and get cross-chain rewards.

CeFi and DeFi Moving Closer

The difference between Centralized Finance (CeFi) and Decentralized Finance DeFi primarily focuses on the opposing principles underlying their two architectures. CeFi requires users to trust a central intermediary while DeFi requires trusting the blockchain-based protocol.

CeDeFi is an amalgamation of CeFi and DeFi. The introduction of CeDeFi brought unique advantages, such as exchanging vetted tokens or projects, resolving the limitations in Defi for earning multiple yields and tokens simultaneously.

Three Key Components Drive Unizen’s Ecosystem

Unizen Modules are custom modules built and integrated by the Unizen team. The Unizen CEX module not only allows users to interact with Binance shared liquidity, but also allows Unizen to list emerging projects before the first third-party module is onboarded.

Third-Party Modules are enabled through an SDK. This helps any module to be onboarded while maintaining strict security and protecting full product innovation thanks to Unizen’s exposure to versatile APIs.

Unizen Custom Logic makes module interaction as seamless as possible.
The key point of the Custom Logic is the trade aggregation algorithm. The algorithm is enabled by Unizen’s data collection and accessed via APIs.

Smart Social Sentiment Indicators make raw data pipelines about user sentiment for a particular asset available. Unizen sets up datasets into indicators to help traders make better decisions.

The Smart Social Sentiment Indicators is a new class of digital asset monitoring platform that provides global traders and retail investors with real-time data about market sentiment.

They are able to access many blockchain projects thanks to the combined functionality of a secure CEX, DEX, AI-driven social sentiment indicators, and Binance liquidity.

How to Trade Crypto on Unizen Platform

ZCX has been listed on several crypto exchanges. Unlike other main cryptocurrencies, ZCX cannot be directly purchased with fiat money. However, traders can easily purchase it by first buying BTC from any large exchanges and then transfer to the exchange that offers to trade this coin.

Dynamic Multi-Asset Staking

Staking ZCX on the Unizen platform allows users to get rewards in a multitude of digital assets. These rewards are not limited to a single network, they are sourced through a node pool operated by the Unizen team, ZenX incubated projects or listing fees.

Dynamic Multi-Asset Staking on BSC aims to support prominent networks, reward ZCX holders, and foster further Unizen innovation. ZCX stakers will have access to early seed and pre-sale rounds for trendy and up-and-coming projects.

The Unizen team is developing blockchain nodes to distribute rewards to stakers. Some projects might also allocate a certain number of tokens to Unizen. Thus, they might vest tokens to existing stakers.

Stakers will also be able to benefit from the ZenX Labs incubator. The big advantage for Unzien stakers is that they receive a variety of different tokens as a reward.

The Founders of Unizen

Unizen is backed by an excellent team.

The company is led by CEO Sean Noga, who is also CEO of Zen Innovations Pte Ltd., which operates the Unzien Smart Exchange Ecosystem. Sean has experienced as a senior advisor with various crypto firms, working with projects like Hathor, DIA, and Verasity, among others.

Unizen CTO Martin Granstrom takes responsibility for spearheading Unizen Group’s software engineering and product development efforts.

In the past, Martin worked at Netrounds (acquired by Juniper Networks), where he managed a DevOps team for a cloud-based AWS microservice application and monitored Tier 1 Operator networks.

With 15 years of experience as a former CEO of multiple startups focused on tech-centric architecture and development in the medical and entertainment industries, the CMO of Unizen, Brandon Dallmann, continues to build a network of networks to support the egalitarian ecosystem of innovation that defines Unizen as a liquidity provider.

Tom Sweeney brings over 30 years of experience in fund management, strategy, and tech investing. He is also Chief Operating Officer of Zen Innovations Pte Ltd and a Managing Partner at JUN Capital Management Ltd.

Look to Unizen for Big Advantages in CeDiFi

The Unizen team would like to bring a shared vision to help crypto newcomers and veteran traders operate on a secure exchange and have access to world-leading liquidity and specifically curated projects.

The company has achieved a wallet count of 3,100 , launched the secured Binance Cloud services, developed the Dynamic Multi-Asset Staking module & ZenX Labs program, and created the Unizen underlying ‘operating system’.

Recently, the team partnered with AllianceBlock, the world first globally compliant decentralized capital market, in order to bring effortless KYC/AML to all DeFi modules for institutional traders

At Unizen, global traders and retail investors alike are provided with a trading infrastructure built on multi-chain deep liquidity from best-in-class centralized and decentralized sources, eliminating the need for trading platform alternatives.

It is a fully modular aggregation of CeFi, DeFi, and AI-driven social sentiment indicators: all in one seamless user experience. To learn more about Unizen, just click right here!

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