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Why Will Samecoin Continue to Rise In Value?

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Samecoin’s family of stablecoins, like SameUSD, are designed to hold a stable value. This makes it easy for someone like Keith to make transactions with crypto that he can understand, and be confident the value will remain the same.

But Keith is also a fan of the wider Samecoin ecosystem, and he wants to see his holdings of the utility coin, Samecoin increase. While SameUSD is supposed to stay stable, Samecoin itself is predicted to rise in value and has huge opportunities for early adopters like Keith. So why will samecoin continue to rise in value?

How Samecoin and SamePay drive value

When users of the SamePay payment app have some Samecoin, they get to enjoy unrivaled benefits. While SamePay already has great fees for transacting and trading cryptocurrencies, these fees will be even lower for someone who has Samecoin. 

Samecoin holders also get other rewards and regular income from their investments.

This makes it easy for users to mint, save and stake SameUSD and other stablecoins without it being complicated or without them needing an advanced education in how DeFi works. It’s all held together in a simple interface and only requires a couple of clicks—users don’t even really have to know what they’re doing other than being aware of the rewards and benefits they can enjoy.

These range of features create a continuous loop of rewards. Alongside the deflation of the Samecoin token, all of these will increase the value of the token over time. This creates an economy that’s always rewarding users and always driving up value.

The importance of deflation for Samecoin’s value

Because users get to enjoy the benefits of Samecoin being distributed as rewards, the system needs some deflation in order to reduce the number of Samecoin in distribution and continue to keep its value growing.

That means that half the number of Samecoin that are taken in transaction fees on SamePay are added to a burn wallet. The Samecoin in the burn wallet are destroyed once per quarter. The remaining fees go to the company that runs SamePay, who can also choose to burn them, or can decide to hold or redistribute.

By burning at least half the number of Samecoin taken in fees every quarter, deflation is ensured which will increase the value of remaining Samecoin in circulation.

The rewards users like Keith get for the minting and staking their Samecoin will also be halved every 6 months. Again, the increasing scarcity of Samecoin and making it take longer for the token to reach maximum supply. All of these features of the Samecoin system are designed to ensure the token continues to grow in value, and make the benefits for early adopters like Keith even more apparent. If you’re like Keith and want to enjoy these benefits, then now might be a good time to get into Samecoin.

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