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20.01.[News of the day] • Dogecoin holders are urging McDonald’s to accept DOGE and other articles

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The primary cryptocurrency has been atypically stable in recent days after being rejected at $ 44,000 on Sunday. Since then, it has fallen by several thousand dollars and reached a weekly low of just over $ 41,000, as we reported yesterday.

BTC rebounded relatively quickly and jumped above $ 42,500, but shortly thereafter went down again. Since then, BTC has held around $ 42,000.

Most altcoins have also suffered in recent days. ETH fell from about $ 3,300 to just over $ 3,000. Now, however, the second largest cryptocurrency has recovered a bit, and after a small increase on a daily scale, it is above $ 3,100.

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The study shows that the US is most in favor of dogecoin

Dogecoin (DOGE) experienced an incredible boom in 2021, reached a new all-time high and gained more popularity than ever before in the cryptocurrencies.

It is worth noting that of all the countries that have adopted dogecoin, the United States is the most pro-dogecoin country in the world. USA.

Notably, Australia ranks second with 29% of dogecoin owners, followed by Norway with 27.4%. Interestingly, according to the survey, Japan has the lowest ownership of DOGE of the 27 countries surveyed. Overall, the average amount of dogecoin in each country is 18.5%.

El Salvador is researching low-interest loans covered by BTC

The bitcoinization of El Salvador is in full swing. Another item on the Orange Agenda is the provision of low-interest BTC loans to small and micro enterprises.

While details of BTC loans are not currently released, Mónica Taher, a Salvadoran government adviser, was live on Facebook live yesterday. The discussion was called “BTC loans with lower interest rates”.

Paul Steiner, President of CONAMYPE (National Institute for Small and Micro Enterprises), shared that the loan implementation would work with the government-created Chivo Wallet.

El Salvador’s business environment is dominated by small businesses and micro-enterprises, and BTC-supported loans are an opportunity to remedy the situation.

Dogecoin holders are urging McDonald’s to accept DOGE

The official twitter account of the American fast food giant McDonald’s was flooded with applications for the acceptance of the cryptocurrency memecoin. It happened after this Chicago-based giant responded to Bill Markus, the founder of the coin meme, with a picture of a doge holding french fries in his mouth.

McDonald’s has provided a standard response stating that it will continue to re-evaluate its customers’ payment experience. In November, McDonald’s jumped on the NFT and launched its first collection to celebrate McRib’s 40th anniversary.

Banks, crypto exchanges, companies

Crypto exchange Bybit launches NFT Marketplace

The popular Bybit crypto exchange has launched its NFT marketplace, a platform that gives users access to the world of NFT, GameFi and metaverse.

The exchange said in the announcement that the new platform is a single place that aims to connect digital artists and collectors.

Ben Zhou, co-founder and CEO of Bybit, noted that despite the skepticism surrounding the investment in the NFT, the initiative has allowed more people to share in digital ownership. At the same time, it gives content creators the right to own and control their works.

CBDC, Regulation

India: Players in the crypto-industry are hoping for regulatory clarity in the 2022 budget

After the year 2022 began with tax raids on crypto-enterprises in India, industry players are pushing for a bill in an upcoming budget meeting. The meeting is scheduled for 1 February for the financial year 2022-23.

However, local reports first suggest that the industry wants tax clarification. Sathvik Vishwanath, co-founder and CEO of India’s Unocoin trading platform, told the media that he did not expect “anything amazing” from the 2022 budget. However, he added that

“If at all, the confusion over income tax may be clarified.”

Meanwhile, reports cited sources that revealed that the government had acquired tax experts to develop disclosure and tax guidelines for companies and family offices trading in or holding cryptocurrencies.

An Indonesian Islamic organization has issued a new fatwa against the use of cryptocurrencies

Council Tarjih and Central Executive Council Muhammadiyah, one of the largest Islamic NGOs in Indonesia, have issued a new fatwa against the use of cryptocurrencies, which they consider haram or illegal for Muslims.

Fatva, a decision under Islamic law, was issued on Tuesday and points to two major problems with cryptocurrencies that make them illegal as an investment tool and a medium of exchange under Islamic law:

  1. The speculative nature of cryptocurrencies makes them imperfect as an investment tool. We believe that cryptocurrencies contain “gharar” (ambiguity), which means that they are not covered by anything like gold, which makes them illegal under Islamic law.
  2. Cryptocurrencies do not meet the standards of Islamic barter or exchange law, which require that they be legal tender and be accepted by both parties.
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