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3 Search Engine Optimization Tips Which Instantly Increase Traffic to Your Site!

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If you are looking to boost your page rank you should have a clear focus on Search Engine Optimization or SEO as its sometimes known. Start to make use of successful keywords this means your page rank will increase. Underneath are a small amount of easy tips which you could in addition make use of to create far more keyword successful content which essentially has been shown to boost page rank on all websites:

Search Engine Tip #1 – When writing and adding written content to your website, highlight keywords right through your text. Highlight them by writing them in bold or use italics. Lots of website owners discover that Google bots pick up on highlighted words and will increase your sites page rank when they highlight these keywords.

Search Engine Tip #2 – Make sure you check out your META tags of the HTML of your website. Make sure that you have placed keywords in the tag and that you have also placed them in your website description. This is vital if you run a website which is designed in HTML format. If you are making use of a WordPress blog you basically have to install free of charge SEO plugins.

Search Engine Tip #3 – think about the images which are on your site. If you are making use of HTML make sure you add keywords into your image tags. This will add extra keywords to your site that will boost your page rank. There are a number of HTML tutorials which you can unearth which will help you in performing this.

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