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A Buyer’s Guide to Buying a GHD Hair Straightener

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When you buy GHD hair irons you can easily achieve straight or curly hair without going to expensive salons or performing a time consuming grooming procedure. You have an expensive salon in your hot little hands! GHD Hair Stylers are really that good.

Different GHD Stylers to Suit Your Needs

The GHD IV Styler is designed for people who want to style their unruly hair regularly. The ceramic hair iron is safe to use and more durable than other brands. No matter how frizzy your hair is, this hair iron can give your hair a silky smooth texture. Why do women on the go find this product indispensable? It’s a fast heating hair iron. Usually, a few passes will do to get your hair straightened, thus minimizing overexposure to heat which can damage your hair. The one-inch wide ceramic heater works well on coarse hair and can also create perfect waves in seconds.

Heat Damage – GHD’s Incredible Temperature Features

Its advanced design is another reason why you should buy a GHD IV Styler. Low-quality hair irons have done more harm than good on millions of customers. Heat-damaged hair can be prevented by using advanced irons like GHD IV Styler. The ceramic plate is heated by modern circuits that disperse heat uniformly across the plates, keeping the high temperature constant during use. This uniform heat dispersion is also aided by the non “S” shape heating element as used in budget hair stylers. Furthermore, thanks to an advanced microprocessor, the temperature will not rise excessively.

The GHD IV Mini Styler – Who is it for?

Men with dull and unmanageable hair should buy the GHD IV Mini Styler. This hair iron is smaller but just as effective as the other GHD irons. Since men have shorter hair, they need a more compact and smaller hair iron that can be easily used on their bangs and crown areas. Women with short hair who want to make great curls and add more volume to their hair should also buy GHD IV Mini Styler. Basically the only difference between the mini and the other stylers is the width of the of heating blades.

The handy on-off button makes it easy to control the temperature of the iron. The round barrel and smaller palates allow for more convenient hand movements to reach short hair strands, leaving a uniformly heat treated look.

Specially designed for people with short hair, GHD IV Mini Styler generates infrared heat and releases negative ions. This mechanism (common to all GHDs too) is proven to instantly reduce coarseness and make the hair shinier in no time. The immediate result of the ceramic iron makes it a perfect hair styling tool for anyone who wants to keep their hair in good shape and texture throughout the day without spending a fortune.

Buying GHD Stylers from Accredited Resellers – Why is this so Important?

Beware of cheap hair irons bearing the logo of GHD. As the brand becomes more and more popular, counterfeit versions are flooding the market. Although GHD hair styling products are more affordable than other brands, not all cheap items bearing its trademark come from the manufacturer. These counterfeit items do not have the same circuits as the original ones. Buy genuine GHD stylers to avoid hair damage that can cost you more money that you would have spent on original stylers. Fake GHD stylers are usually sold by individual resellers with no registered address or verifiable customer service hotline. Resellers accredited by GHD should be able to honor the terms of warranties guaranteed by the company.

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