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A former Binance employee has made harsh allegations

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The largest crypto exchange Binance does not survive the best period. After the constant restriction of products and services and pressure from regulators, he has another media problem on his neck. This time the accusation comes from a former employee. He claims that the exchange in the past manipulated the market.

Binance vehemently denies the allegations

After a hard and serious accusation against a former employee, the exchange finally commented on its Twitter account. It rejects any speculation that it would ever manipulate the crypto market.

Who brought the charges?

RealFulltimeApe, this is the nickname of a potential Twitter user who is said to be behind the accusation. He claims to be a former engineer who managed various data.

When one thinks about it, before someone makes such an accusation, one must be very sure that he is telling the truth. Nevertheless, to accuse the largest crypto exchange of such a serious act represents a great responsibility for the consequence.

In any case, the anonymous user claims that the Binance exchange is slowly eliminating traders with its steps. He can prove more to all this audio and video recordings which prove the actions of the exchange.

Legal action

It is important to note that since the outbreak of regulatory pressure, Binance has been actively involved in calming the situation by introducing important “pre-regulatory” actions.

One of these steps is the introduction of mandatory client verification, which we informed you about in our recent article. Without KYC verification, you will no longer open a trade!

“Binance reserves the right to take legal action in such cases to protect its interests and welcomes any responsible information that protects the trust of our community.”

In the past, the crypto exchange has taken legal action against Forbes Media LLC for defamation. This was the result of the “Tai Chi” document, which describes in more detail the process by which the largest crypto exchange has tried to deceive regulatory laws in the United States. It is still a mystery why the plaintiff dismissed the lawsuit after three months.

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