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Top alternative exchanges for Binance without KYC verification

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On crypto exchange Binance from Friday, hard rules apply, due to which every new user without authentication through an identity card will not be able to trade on the exchange. From October, this condition will apply to everyone. That is why we have chosen the top crypto exchanges for you, where you can trade without KYC.

Bybit without KYC

Bybit is currently one of the most confidential and fastest growing crypto exchange without KYC. It was originally a small derivatives exchange, but it has been growing rapidly in recent months. We can currently include it right after Binance as the second most trusted exchange for cryptocurrency trading. In this way, we rank the exchange in the ranking without KYC Bybit to place number one. In addition to futures trading, we can also find spot trading here, where liquidity is weaker for the time being, as this product only works for one month. The fees are very comparable to the Binance exchange.


Okex somehow it does not lag behind the Bybit exchange. We can even find a wider range of services on this exchange, including several years of spot trading, where several million people trade every year. On the exchange OKex in addition to trading, we also find staking and interesting reward bonus for new traders. We can get tens of euros for various tasks. It is usually not difficult to fulfill them. For example, just open a trade on spot, or open at least one trade for 7 days in a row.

DeFi exchange

An interesting solution can also be to withdraw from the DeFi exchange, where you keep the money not on the exchange, but still with you. Practically as if you are trading remotely from your wallet. It is precisely in terms of anonymity that is currently very high in the crypto world and at the same time very far from the regulators. Quality exchanges from the DeFi world are, for example, Pancake swap or Uniswap.

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