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AI experts warn of possible extinction of humanity

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Since the release of ChatGPT, scenarios like those in the movie “Terminator” have become more relevant again. Now leading scientists in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) are once again warning of the extinction of humanity by AI.

AI experts warn of possible extinction of humanity

AI: Disagreement among scientists

But as is often the case, scientists are not unanimous. While some researchers predict a development like something out of a science fiction film, others see the danger as exaggerated.

In an article in the scientific magazine “Science”, some luminaries in AI research warn that without sufficient precautions, humanity could lose control of autonomous AI systems. The consequences would be large-scale cyberattacks, manipulation of society through fake news, omnipresent surveillance and, in the worst case, even the extinction of humanity.

What could happen?

One of them warned a year ago, but since then developments have been progressing at an ever faster pace. Geoffrey Hinton is primarily concerned about research into autonomous AI systems. These can use computers independently to solve the problems they are given. This could have unpleasant side effects. He fears that these systems will no longer be controllable if they start pursuing undesirable goals.

This criticism also follows the developer of ChatGPT, the company OpenAI. However, the company has repeatedly assured that it feels obliged to do more to ensure the security of AI systems.

At the same time, the head of AI research at Meta, Facebook’s parent company, has given the all-clear. In his opinion, there is neither currently nor in the near future an AI that is smarter than a house cat. Accordingly, there is no urgency to devote more attention to the topic than before. It will therefore take many years before an AI is as smart as a human . The development of necessary security precautions will therefore take place gradually in line with this development.

But AI is already omnipresent. Whether in business, in everyday applications, or in the cryptoverse. Even there, new coins like Wiener AI are focusing on the topic to attract investors.



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