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Anonymous want to “wage war” using a new token

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Anonymous is back! And this time they bring a new token. The infamous hacker group Anonymous, called Anon Inu, today announced its intention to “wage war against China and Elon Musk” with its new token. Although the two opponents seem to be a strange pair, Anonymous has their reasons for doing so.

China and Anon Inu

In a recently released video, Anonymous first touched on the ongoing crackdown on BTC mining in China. The “sudden turn” of the Chinese authorities regarding mining was not only shocking but also bloody for the BTC market. However, according to Anonymous, it was a deliberate attempt by the Chinese Communist Party to restrict competition for its planned digital yuan.

Until the aforementioned intervention, a significant portion of BTC’s hashing force was in China. The available electricity costs and climatic conditions in some provinces have made it a mining paradise. Unfortunately, the closure of the mining plants has led many to sell their bitcoins to cover the cost of moving out of the country. This burden on the miners created selling pressure on the market and led to a drop in prices throughout the crypt market.

The closure of mining centers in China has driven miners to Kazakhstan and Texas in the United States, among others.

However, the anonymous did not end, the hacker group claims that the pressure on the crypto market is only temporary at the moment. They added that the impact of ongoing over-the-counter (OTC) sales will be reflected in the price soon when there is a shortage. Meanwhile, the current consolidation can be seen as a snag and a “positive sign,” the group said.

“This is a positive sign of the market and the reason why many crypto technology experts predict a rally by the end of July and August.”

Musk and Anon Inu

Apart from China, Anonymous did not specifically mention waging war against Elon Musk, but it looks like #Dogefather may soon meet his opponent in this so-called “meme war” against “Anon Inu token.”

“We believe the crypto is starting to take off, so we issued the ‘Anon Inu token’. This token is a new community DeFi token with various built-in utilities. ”

Meanwhile, Anonymous fans can get Anon Inu tokens, the first of which also promised free airdroping tokens, NFT and other prizes. Anonymous seems ready to use the current hype in the market to create another community with the intention of fighting China while waging a meme war in the United States.


The truth is that the popularity of both China and Elon Musk in the world is declining considerably. How about you? Do you follow the events around (unfortunately it is not possible in China), or do you overlook such news?

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