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Anonymous Web Surfing – IP Changing And Online Protection Made Easy

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Anonymous web surfing is the ability to go to any website without revealing anything. It sounds simple enough but the reality is far from different. Our computer reveals our IP address every time you visit a website. An IP (Internet Protocol) address is a locator which means it can pinpoint the exact location of your device. This information is automatically provided which means you are not really going online without the knowledge of the site owners. Surfing anonymously doesn’t happen unless you consider IP changing.

What is IP Changing?

IP changing is a simple but effective process of anonymous web surfing. The name itself tells the main objective of the process – surfing anonymously will be possible when your internet protocol address is changed. But to put it in a more precise manner, your internet protocol will be covered with another IP address. Changing this data is not possible on your own since it will require additional help (and possibly fees) from your ISP. So to fully protect your data, you need internet protocol masking.

Implementing Anonymous Web Surfing

Although surfing anonymously requires additional steps and tools, they are very simple to implement. There are two methods that you can help you mask your information quickly: proxy server sites or applications. Proxy server websites are websites that can hide your information online. Simply enter the website you want to visit in their search tool and they will retrieve the website without your personal data. The second option is to use an application. Once installed, your internet protocol address will never be revealed.

Considering the Paid Option

Proxy server websites often offer their services for free. But because they still have to earn from their services, they have to post banners and different types of advertisements. This will slow down loading considerably because your bandwidth is used for other purposes. You can enjoy anonymous web surfing but it’s a very slow online experience.

Websites for IP changing have paid options. It’s considerably faster because there are no ads and you can go surf anonymously faster because you are given a unique IP address. Applications for anonymous web surfing are free to try and you have to pay for their services by purchasing the software. This is often considered the better option since it is installed and works in the background. You don’t need to visit a site before you can be protected. If you’re constantly online and use the internet for shopping and other financial transactions, the application option is highly recommended.

James Solomon

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