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APENFT Foundation Names Barrett Wissman Chief Investment Advisor

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APENFT Foundation Names Barrett Wissman Chief Investment Advisor

APENFT Foundation has decided to appoint Barrett Wissman as its Chief Investment Advisor.

The Foundation is a premier organization for top-tier NFTs, and it is confident that Chief Investment Advisor Wissman will take the group to the next phase of its development.

As a platform that connects numerous aspects of the traditional and digital art world, APENFT is well placed to grow with the NFT market.

According to a press release,

“APENFT’s mission is to register world-class artworks as NFTs on the blockchain and build the art world’s most respected and diversified NFT collection to serve as a bridge between traditional and native crypto artists and the blockchain.”

To be sure, Wissman will be operating in a popular new market that is attracting attention from many artists, as well as public personalities that can easily use NFTs to interact with their fans.

APENFT’s curator and art director, Sydney Xiong, commented,

“I am looking forward to collaborating with Barrett on many exciting projects in the future, several of which are already in process and will be announced soon.”

Wissman is the Chairman at IMG Artists, where he is also a principal. IMG Artists is a global arts management and advisory company that works with some of the world’s top artists.

He is also a principal at Two Pillar Management, which represents brands, influencers, and digital celebrities.

APENFT is Well Placed for Growth

NFTs were initially associated with digital art. However, there has been a push to create NFT versions of existing masterpieces, which opens up the marketplace to centuries of human creativity.

APENFT has already acquired works from Picasso and Warhol, in addition to more modern works by artists like Beeple, FEWOCiOUS, and Kaws. According to the foundation, it is already the largest investor in the NFT art world, which will likely give it an advantage going forward.

NFTs, which are a new asset class, have rapidly shot to the top of the art world. Unlike digital currencies, like BTC, NFTs have not been subject to push-back from the established financial community of global corporate system, which has made their rollout far faster.

In addition, pioneering platforms like ETH and TRON created the infrastructure that allows NFTs to operate, so that the asset class was able to take advantage of development work without incurring any major costs – and still introducing a novel product.

To The Top

Justin Sun, who is the founder of TRON, commented, “To have someone of the caliber of Barrett Wissman as an advisor is an important milestone for APENFT.”

Sun is one of the forces behind APENFT, and has lent strong support to the foundation’s goals.

As NFTs took the art world by storm, APENFT was able to cement solid partnerships with existing art world heavyweights Christie’s and Sotheby’s.

According to the foundation,

“Under Barrett Wissman’s guidance, APENFT plans to continue developing its portfolio of artworks and contribute to creating incubators to develop and promote the NFT artists of the future. The team also plans to partner with museums in sponsoring and organizing exhibitions and building and developing events and festivals to celebrate the coming together of blockchain technology with the art world.”

Welcome to the Future of Art

APENFT has successfully adapted ETH and TRON technology in the support of NFTs. By leveraging BitTorrent File System (BTFS), APENFT was able to offer a powerful platform for registering both existing and new artworks on the blockchain.

As people look for more ways to enjoy artworks digitally, the platform that APENFT designed will likely continue to find new markets, and artists.

With the help of Barrett Wissman, APENFT will create new connections, and make the most of an incredible technology that is probably going to grow in both usage and popularity from this point. APENFT also offers a public gallery – so everyone can enjoy digital art!

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