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Artist opens physical gallery for NTFs only

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Artist Justin Aversano has opened on Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica, a physical gallery focused on selling NFTs. Quantum Space LA is the latest in a growing trend of physical NFT galleries. Here, artists can display their digital works in a real-world setting.

Aversano is an artist known for the “Twin Flames NFT” photography collection. He used his gallery opening to launch his newest project, Doppelgänger, a collection of 1,000 NFTs.

As the artist reported, in the new collection he continues to photograph twins and turn those images into collectible NFT assets.

Photos of twin brothers taken by Aversano around the world are projected onto large curtains suspended in the center of the space.

“Twin Flames basically gave birth to Quantum,” Aversano said.

In addition, the gallery displays and sells the work of other artists who have partnered with the platform. Large flat-screen televisions line the walls throughout the venue, displaying images from various digital artists.

In February of this year, he raised $7.5 million in funding to launch his physical/digital gallery. According to Aversano, the Santa Monica space is an initial experiment. Therefore, there should be other spaces like this in the future.

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Physical digital art galleries

The next opening is planned for this fall in New York.

“We plan to open one a month next year,” Aversano said. “We want to have 20 to 50 spaces around the world.”

Aversano explained that they are also selling the “Quantum Keys”, which were minted in March for the LA release and are now priced at 4.15 ETH in secondary markets. NFT owners have access to an exclusive area of ​​the gallery. In addition, they can use the location to host events.

Aversano added that each future Quantum Space location will mint its own NFT collection. As the artist highlighted, Quantum is not just about him. Rather, it is an initiative to empower other artists and creators.

“I was able to elevate other artists with my success, which I love to do,” he said.

While Quantum Art was founded with an initial focus on photography, the platform will expand to encompass other types of art.

According to Aversano, the gallery may include contributions from sculptors, painters, digital artists, fashion designers and others building the nascent metaverse, for example.

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