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Lacoste enters web3 with launch of NFT

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Lacoste has announced that it is entering a new era with the launch of a virtual experience called Lacoste UNDW3. The Paris-based luxury brand from France has announced its entry into Web 3.0, with a collection of non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

According to the company, the action aims to build an online community around the brand. Furthermore, Lacoste’s goal is to interact with its customers in a new way.

In all, 11,212 NFTs will be put up for sale, a number referring to the brand’s exclusive polo shirt called L1212. The digital collectibles will go on sale for 0.08 ETH, excluding network fees. That is, around $90.

Lacoste UNDW3 with a focus on NFTs

As Lacoste reported in a statement, the launch of the NFTs comes just a week after the brand launched a Discord server for the initiative.

The channel had 30,000 subscribers in the first two days alone, showing users’ interest in Lacoste’s NFTs.

As mentioned, the project was named UNDW3 (pronounced underwater). And, each of the tokens in the collection will give its holders access to a “long-term collaborative community”.

“Collectors will, for example, be able to access a pioneering ecosystem and unique digital, physical and experiential benefits in the crocodile world, such as products co-created exclusively for them,” says the brand. “Lacoste pushes the boundaries of fashion and sport, creating a collaborative structure between the community and the brand.”

Also according to the brand, the members of the Lacoste WEB3 community will be part of a kind of Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) of the brand. That is, they will be able to participate in decisions about the product creation process.


Finally, Lacoste highlighted on its Twitter account that the action is independent of the current market situation. It is worth noting that in recent months, especially in recent weeks, the crypto market has faced hard drops.

BTC, ETH , metaverse tokens and NFTs all suffered from sharp devaluations. But regardless, Lacoste said it is willing to enter that market.

“Virtual Reality, Metaverse, for us, these technologies are the future no matter if the market is red or green. We can’t say more about it except: be ready.” said.

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